Decisive Users

Decisive users are visitors that upon landing on an App Store or Google Play Store product page make minimal engagement before deciding to install or drop.

What are Decisive Users

Decisive users are visitors that present the following behavior: upon landing on an App Store or Google Play Store product page they make minimal engagement with anything presented to them before deciding to install or drop from the page. For them, there is no scrolling down below the first impression (anything beyond what loads onto a device), no scrolling through the screenshot gallery, they are completely passive and decide after approx 3-6 seconds whether to install the game/app or drop out of the page. Decisive users can sometimes make up approx 70% of the total users. 

Conversely, there are explorative users who are happy to explore the interface before making their decision. Any or all of the information given to them will be engaged with before making an install decision after double the time it takes decisive users. These users are considered to be of more high-quality than decisive users by industry experts, as they develop a much better idea of the app/game they are about to install.

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Why Decisive Users are Important

Decisive users only see one area of the product page: what’s visible on the first impression. Knowing that these visitors see only this and make their decision to install or drop in three seconds, means that what’s presented to them should be effective, impactful and clear in its visuals / messaging. Marketers have less space and time to impress. Assets should contain and convey more value than anything that’s scrollable horizontally / vertically / beyond the fold; anything past the first impression is irrelevant to decisive users and caters more to explorative users. By improving and making sure the creative elements on the product page that are visible at first impression, means this audience’s chances to install can potentially increase.

Decisive Users and ASO

It’s very important to monitor and understand the behavior users display when landing on an App Store or Google Play Store product page. Depending on the channel decisive users come from, just having a high number of them increases the opportunity to convert them to installers. 

For users who make a decision in such a short timeframe, ASO teams must optimize what they can to encourage users to download and install a mobile app / game in order to use the audience to impact conversion rates. 

A few ways to do this and make the most of decisive user opportunities is to peak their interest to explore the product page even just a little with exciting, stand out creatives. It’s possible to make the first impression more appealing in a way that connects the audience to it, so they are tempted to install and not drop from the page. For iOS, it could be investigating which layout of the four available will convert users well at first impression.

Storemaven holds significant insights on decisive user behavior including how these users consume product page content and what type of content delivers the most effective amount of information in as little time as possible. To understand your mix of explorative and decisive users you can run a test using Storemaven.

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