App Store Analytics: Purchasable Item

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What is App Store Analytics: Purchasable Item?

A “Purchasable Item” in the Apple App Store is exactly what it sounds like: an app or in-app purchase that users can buy for their Apple devices.

As an app developer and/or marketer, you can filter App Store Connect data by “Purchasable Item” to glean information on the specific apps you sell. The results can then be displayed by app name or Apple ID.

For example, let’s pretend you sell three apps in the App Store. We’ll call them “App A,” “App B,” and “App C.” You know that you’ve sold a combined 1,000 apps in the last month. But how many of each individual app have you sold? You can answer this question by logging into your App Store Connect account and filtering sales information by “Purchasable Item.” It’s worth noting that this filter is only available for Apps, not App Clips.

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