Ad Exchange

What is an Ad Exchange? Get the full definition and learn more about the mobile growth realm with Storemaven's glossary.

What is an Ad Exchange?

An ad exchange is a digital marketplace that allows advertisers to buy ad space from participating publishers. Most ads sold via ad exchanges are display, video, and native ads on both mobile and desktop ecosystems, though this isn’t a hard and fast rule. In addition, most ad exchanges function programmatically, which allows advertisers to tap into automation.

How Does an Ad Exchange Work?

Ad exchanges are powered by Real-Time Bidding (RBT) technology. Advertisers bid on the ad space publishers make available, either manually or via automation. If their bid is accepted, their ad will run on the publisher’s platform from whom they’ve purchased ad space.

Types of Ad Exchanges

You must be aware of two kinds of exchanges: open and private marketplaces. Open exchanges are available to all advertisers. Private marketplaces are only available to select clients. Said clients are usually acquired via referral or direct invitation.

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