Watch our Webinar: Navigating User Acquisition in a Global Recession

In this collaboration, we looked at the sense of global recession that got mobile marketers and specifically UA folks quite worried in 2022. This panel of experts gave tips and ideas on how to work with and around that.

The elephant in the room of every business these days: We’re in the middle of a global recession.

How can marketing teams today take that reality and continue to drive growth while tackling the challenges of:

1. Plummeting monetization
2. Shrinking budgets
3. Slumping marketing efficiency
4. Stagnating channels
5. Sagging conversion rates
6. Fading retention
7. Plunging virality

This was the main focus of our recent webinar hosted by our friends from Singular.

Our own Katie Blechner, Customer Success Team Leader, joined experts from Forbes, Inkitt, Liftoff, and Lessmore to delve into some key strategies to keep your marketing and user acquisition on an upwards trajectory.

You can enjoy the full session here:

About Ron Gordon
Ron is Storemaven's Head of Marketing, the one person you would have guessed will know what this mobile growth talk is all about. A misguided law student and journalist, Ron brings to the table some lack of seriousness the Hitech realm is desperately in need of. In his spare time, he's mainly trolling Whatsapp groups.

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