App Store App Description

The app description is a text paragraph explaining to users about the app or game.

What is the App Store App Description?

The app description is a text paragraph explaining to users about the app or game. 

The description, as a text element that is (in most cases) below-the-fold, is less important from a conversion rate optimization perspective. Take under consideration that users in the App Store don’t like to read. Less than 2% of users ever tap on the ‘read more’ button.

That being said, the first sentence of the description is visible even without tapping on ‘read more’ and it should convey an effective message to users. Besides that, the description is mostly used to optimize an app store listing for discoverability by using app keyword optimization (although it’s less effective than using the title and subtitle for that purpose).

App Store Description Requirements

The app description can have up to 4,000 characters.

Why the App Description is Important

Besides being important for keyword optimization, the app description plays a role in how 1%-2% of users make decisions. Although that number sounds small, you still need to consider it as we can assume that users who take that extra and rare step to learn more about an app before installing will be more engaged and quality users. 

App Store Description and ASO

Apple’s search algorithms treat the text elements (app metadata keywords, app title, app subtitle, and app description) unequally. 

Keywords that appear in the app’s description have the lowest impact on the discoverability of your app in search results. 

This fact, together with its low exposure rate to potential users, make the description lower on the ASO priority list when focusing on maximizing growth.

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