Keyword Localization

App Keyword localization is the process of implementing translated and localized keywords/creatives located in the metadata of an app’s product page.

What is Keyword Localization

Keyword localization is the process of implementing translated and localized keywords/creatives located in the metadata of an app’s product page to enable users to find an app. 

In order for an app that was initially launched in the US market to be discoverable in Japan, for example, keywords must be translated (so that users can find it in the search results) and localized, to suit the new target culture, customs and values. 

Similar to App Store localization, keyword localization goes deeper than simply translating from one language to another, it is the process of understanding how users in other local cultures search for apps. Keywords may not necessarily be popular in all countries. Certain words may have different meanings from culture to culture. Spellings may be different also. 

Why Keyword Localization is Important

Keyword localization is a key component for a developer or marketer to see growth and drive installs. Research is the crucial first step in understanding market-specific demographics. Without thorough research, keyword localization would be an impossible task..

Narrowing down and refining keywords according to local relevance is key. 

Using a professional translator is advised in order to keep track of which keywords can cause offense, any local would be able to help ensure there are no embarrassing mistakes in any keywords or creatives / messaging.

Keyword Localization and ASO

Apps that are launched in a new country without translation or localization have a very low success rate in most cases (in some cases English is being used in certain markets to convey quality and trust). Simply put: an app won’t have any discoverability in new markets without its app developer or marketer doing research and implementing a keyword strategy. Optimization is the practice of testing, re-hypothesizing, and retesting keywords for the new demographic.

The regular practice of implementing a keyword strategy must be completed for the new locale but a crucial step for keyword localization would be creating a list of keywords to rank for in the original language and translating them. Going one step further, it’s advised to build a keyword list in the target language. In this instance, keywords would be much more relevant to the local culture which would undoubtedly help them rank better and therefore improve discoverability. ASO experts like Storemaven can advise best practices or it’s possible to use online tools that will:

  • highlight the top-performing keywords that bring a high volume of traffic in a specific geo
  • compile data from across all the App Stores including local competitors to see what keywords they’re ranking with
  • outline what the users in the localized geo want from their apps according to the search patterns in a particular market.

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