App Store Analytics: Campaign

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What is App Store Analytics: Campaign?

“Campaign” links are special links that transport users to specific App Store product pages. They make it easy to track app sales, usage rates, and monetization metrics for specific marketing campaigns.

All you have to do is include a unique “Campaign” link in your app marketing materials, from your website landing pages to your social media ads. App Analytics will then allow you to measure your marketing performance accurately.

For example, you can create multiple advertisements, each with its own images, headlines, and CTAs. You can then view “Campaign” data in App Store Connect to see which performs best.

To access “Campaign” data, log into your App Store Connect account and navigate to the “Sources” tab. Then click “Campaigns” and assess key data points, such as impressions, downloads, sales, and sessions.

Just remember, it takes 24 hours for App Analytics to display “Campaign” data—and it won’t do so until at least five App Units are attributed to the campaign. Also, “Campaign” data is available for both Apps and App Clips.

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