App Store Analytics: Standard Downloads

What are App Store Analytics: Standard Downloads? Get the full definition and learn more about new iOS 15 features and capabilities.

What are App Store Analytics: Standard Downloads?

A “Standard Download” is the opposite of a “Pre Order“. To register a Standard Download of your app in the Apple App Store, an iOS user must install your app to their device after said app has been officially launched.

The more Standard Downloads your app has, the better. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to increase the Standard download count. You could, for example, run a Facebook Ads campaign to raise awareness of your app and drive traffic to your App Store product page. You could also engage in App Store Optimization (ASO), which is the process of improving your App Store product page to increase organic downloads. Both are viable options, which we’ve written about on the Storemaven blog.

Once you’ve generated a number of Standard Downloads, you can view them in your App Store Connect account. Simply log in to your Connect account and navigate to the “Metrics” tab. Then select the desired date range and choose the “Standard Downloads” dimension. The “Standard Downloads” filter is only available for Apps, not App Clips.

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