App Store Sales

What are App Store Sales? Get the full definition and learn more about new iOS 15 features and capabilities.

What are App Store Sales?

App Store sales refer to the total amount of money your customers have paid for your apps, app bundles, and in-app purchases in the iOS Store over a certain period of time. (Note: taxes are only included in the App Store Sales metric if they were included in the App Store price.)

The “App Store Sales” metric is different from the “App Store Proceeds” metric, which refers to the money app developers make from their apps after subtracting applicable taxes and Apple’s commission fee. For example, if you sold 1,000 copies of your app in the iOS Store for $4.99, your App Store sales would be $4,990. Your App Store proceeds, on the other hand, would be $4,241.50 ($4,990 minus Apple’s 15% cut for app developers that make less than $1MM a year from the Apple App Store.)

You can view the total sales of your app in the “Payments and Financial Reports” section of App Store Connect, as long as you have the proper access.

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