Watch our Webinar: Gaming Growth – Optimizing the Full User Journey for Effective App Install Campaigns

Join experts from Wooga, SciPlay, yellowHEAD and Storemaven looking into the new challenging world of UA managers.

Our recent webinar took us into the new challenging world of UA managers. With the changing in targeting and channels post iOS 14.5, many practitioners had to think back on what they are doing, on the new shape that the user journey took, and come up with a new MO to succeed, trying to leverage new strategies around ad creation ideation, and leveraging Apple’s newest iOS 15 features: Product Page Optimization, In-App Events and especially in our case, Custom Product Pages.

This was as mentioned the main focus of our panelists for this discussion, as Storemaven’s VP of Marketing and Growth Jonathan Fishman hosted Wooga’s Marketing Manager Anissa Nehls, SciPlay’s Director of User Acquisition Amos Adler, and yellowHEAD’s User Acquisition Lead Yoav Peterzil to talk about these changes in the world of UA managers and teams.

You can watch the full discussion here:

Five things you must know about Custom Product Pages

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