Explorative Users

Explorative users are visitors that upon landing on a store page explore the content that’s presented to them before making the decision to install or drop.

What are Explorative Users

Explorative users are visitors that present the following behavior: upon landing on an App Store or Google Play Store product page they explore the content that’s presented to them before making the decision to install or bounce from the page. These users will spend between 6-12 seconds exploring the page, whether that’s scrolling down (vertical exploration), reading reviews and the description, watching a video, or scrolling through a screenshot gallery (horizontal exploration). They are actively engaged users who will most likely scroll to see the first description, view the up to the fourth screenshots, and watch/play the preview video.

From Storemaven’s research, explorative users are usually considered of higher quality users which translates to better conversion, retention and lifetime value (LTV) rates. Traditionally, users that know more about a game / app having read more information or watched a preview video have higher intent to install and will be more likely to engage from that point on as they know better than others what to expect. 

These users as  opposed to decisive users who take half the time to decide whether they’ll install or drop from the page, are inactive and disengaged to what’s on the product page.

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Why Explorative Users are Important

Explorative users take time to review what’s in front of them in order to make an informed decision to install. Having installed, if in-game parameters are met, they’re more likely to continue and return. This is a great audience for app developers to connect with, who are trying to crack a mobile app industry where approx 77% of users don’t return to an app after three days.

Knowing that explorative users see more than just what’s visible at first impression, marketers can distribute their creatives / messaging over larger areas of real estate on an app’s product page. This includes the latter scrolling section of the screenshots and multiple videos. Explorative users by nature are looking to explore and track down content, so everything past the first impression is relevant. By enticing these users to look around, marketers have more opportunities to capture their interest.

Explorative Users and ASO

ASO people should always keep explorative behavior in mind. Users who engage with more content than any other group are happy to look over a large canvas of the product page which means that ASO teams can use more content to entice this inquisitive audience. More space means more content means more delivery of assets/marketing messages means more chance of converting. Explorative users can be an ideal audience; they’re happy to pore over the information on an App Store or Google Play Store product page before deciding whether to install. For ASO teams with great optimization skills who have insights on which assets should be optimized to have an impact on conversion rates, this group of users should be easier to convert than any other group. 
To understand your mix of explorative and decisive users you can run a test using Storemaven.

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