Apple’s Product Page Optimization (PPO)

Apple's new feature, coming with iOS 15 in the fall of 2021, will allow developers to test their default App Store Product Page with three different variations and against the control.

What is Product Page Optimization

Apple’s Product Page Optimization (PPO) is a new feature going to be presented in iOS15, probably in the fall of 2021.

With PPO, developers will be able to run a “test” on their default App Store product page with three different treatments (variations) and their control App Store page. 

In each PPO treatment, a developer will be able to choose a different icon, screenshots, and app preview video. According to Apple’s statement (the feature was announced during Apple’s WWDC in early June, 2021), all creative assets will need to go through the normal App Store review process before the developer can use them.

For each test, it will be able to decide the portion of traffic which should be allocated to each treatment. For example, 70% Control, 10% for each of the three treatments.

Once the test is live, a developer could compare the performance of each variant by examining the impression volume and the install volume (and see the conversion rate of each App Store page). Each PPO test can run within a specific localization. Meaning, it will be possible to test specific treatments for specific countries.

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