Apple’s Custom Product Pages

Apple's feature will allow developers to create up to 35 custom pages - each accessible with a unique URL and could have a different app video, screenshots and promotional text.

What are Apple’s Custom Product Pages?

Apple’s Custom Product Pages is a new feature by Apple, first announced at the company’s World Wide Developer Conference on June 7th, 2021. This feature will allow developers to create up to 35 custom product pages, each one could have a different app preview video, screenshots, and promotional text.

These 35 custom product pages will be accessible through a unique Apple App Store URL that can be used to drive specific audiences to.

The main usage of this feature would be to create an App Store product page that conveys the optimal messaging for a specific audience. The way users will get to these custom store pages would be by directly driving traffic there via a custom and unique App Store URL. 

This will allow developers to use this URL with different paid UA campaigns and match the messaging that is conveyed through the ad creatives in that campaign to the messaging on the custom store page. 

Other use cases might be to utilize a custom store page for an influencer campaign, mobile website traffic, or even cross-promotion in other apps/games owned by a specific developer.

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