Google Play Featuring

Google Play Featuring refers to an app being ‘featured’ on the Google Play Store in one of a number of different types of featured apps lists.

What is Google Play Featuring?

Google Play featuring is the term that refers to an app being ‘featured’ on the Google Play Store in one of a number of different types of featured apps lists. Google Play suggests apps to visitors to the store via a number of top charts that are algorithm dependent but also via specially curated lists, cherry-picked by the Google Play editorial team. These editorial  lists include:

  • Featured: selected new apps the Google Play team believe are good
  • Staff picks: a rotating selection of apps handpicked by editors
  • Editor’s Choice: some of the best android apps of all-time 
  • Top Developers: apps from some of the best Google Play developers

Why Google Play Featuring is Important?

Google Play featuring is important because it increases an app’s discoverability inside the Google Play Store for users who are organically exploring for the next best apps. Getting featured gives a significant visibility boost, resulting in more eyes on the app (with the potential to reach two billion active Android devices) which results in an increase of traffic to a product page. By being featured an app will see a jump in engagement, popularity, usage, number of installs, revenue, and a buzz around the brand. Ultimately, featuring = growth.

Not to mention that by being featured in a placement on one of the curated lists brings real kudos to an app, signifying its integrity and value; Google Play is unlikely to feature an app to its audience that under performs or risks their reputation.

Google Play Featuring and ASO

For an app to be featured editorially it doesn’t happen by chance, it takes hard work with a highly polished, well performing app / game, an optimized product page and a marketing strategy / roadmap which means the process of featuring is strongly linked to ASO

As discoverability is one of ASO’s core pillars, and getting featured greatly increases an app’s discoverability, getting featured shouldn’t be overlooked or neglected; it’s a valuable lever that teams can pull. 

There’s no hard and fast rule for how to get an app featured, it’s a combination of factors that culminate in how much an app appeals to editors and therefore a wider audience.

It’s worth bearing in mind however, that with an influx of visitors to a product page, the creatives/marketing messages must appeal to a broader range of users for a good engagement rate. How to maximize conversions will take some strategizing, so it’s advisable to use an ASO expert platform like Storemaven that undertakes intensive A/B testing in order to surface which creative sets will convert the best.

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