iOS 15’s Custom Product Pages (CPP) & Product Page Optimization (PPO) Officially Launched. What Should You Do Now?

In December 2021, Apple launched new iOS 15 features, Custom Product Pages (CPP) & Product Page Optimization (PPO). Learn how to utilize CPP & PPO for your app.
Apple officially launches the iOS 15 features Custom Product Pages and Product Page Optimization.

On Wednesday, December 8th (or Tuesday the 7th, depending on your timezone) Apple has fully released two long-awaited features for App Store Optimization (ASO), User Acquisition (UA), and mobile marketing experts around the world. 

These are of course the new Custom Product Pages (CPPs) capability for the App Store, as well as native a/b testing, also called Product Page Optimization (PPO).

Important notice: if you do not see the CPP and PPO features within your App Store Connect Console, it’s likely due to the fact you didn’t opt-in for In-App Events when they were launched. If you go to this App Store Connect Submission Link and click on “Continue” at the bottom to opt-in (you need a Team Agent or an Account Holder permission) you’ll have access to these features. Thank you!

All the official details about Custom Product Pages

In the hugely anticipated announcement, there are several new details that shed light on how significant Custom Product Pages are for every ASO and UA team on the planet. Here are the main things to keep up with. For an in-depth look, check out our iOS 15 Custom Product Pages Guide.

  1. You can create up to 35 CPPs per app published on the App Store at any given time 
iOS 15's Custom Product Pages (CPP) & Product Page Optimization (PPO) Officially Launched. What Should You Do Now? - 1
  1. You can customize your Custom Product Page screenshots, promotional text, and app preview for any of your page’s localizations 
  1. Once you’ve created a CPP you can use its unique URL 
iOS 15's Custom Product Pages (CPP) & Product Page Optimization (PPO) Officially Launched. What Should You Do Now? - 2
  1. Ad Networks will support Custom Product Pages through Store-kit rendered ads 
  1. Early next year, Apple Search Ads will support Custom Product Pages so you can use them to create tailored ad variants 
  1. Custom Product Page Measurement through new data in App Store Connect

All the official details about Product Page Optimization

Similarly to Custom Product Pages, Apple has provided more color on Product Page Optimization (PPO), or the capability to run native a/b tests on your default App Store Page. 

As a reminder, PPO only runs on your default product page, that will, if you leverage Custom Product Pages properly by driving all of your paid UA traffic to them, receive solely organic traffic. So PPO in a nutshell is a way to A/B test your “organic” App Store product page for organic search and browse traffic. For a more in-depth analysis, read our Product Page Optimization Guide.

  1. Product Page Optimization a/b tests will be shown only to iOS 15 users (or later)
  1. Your can test your screenshots, app preview videos, and icons through up to 3 different treatments (or different product page variations)
  1. You can test up to 3 different treatments for each a/b test and choose the traffic proportion  
  1. You can choose the localizations you want to include in the test
  2. You can estimate your test duration and if it’s feasible, you’ll reach at least 90% confidence in the results
  3. Custom Product Pages might appear in featured placements
  4. When you apply a treatment as a winner while the test is still running, it’ll automatically end the test
  5. More color on what the monitoring and results of the tests look like 

For in-depth analysis of any of these changes, check our PPO Guide.

The biggest thing that’s happened for your App Store Optimization (ASO) and mobile marketing efforts

There’s a new era for mobile marketers – the era of being in control of your mobile install funnels. Every ad network and channel, every campaign and ad creative, every search ad keyword group, all organic funnels. All of these funnels will now end with the right message for the right audience on your CPPs and your organic product page. 

From the tests we’ve done and the data we’ve collected over the past seven years, it’s clear that leveraging these tools and tailoring the right product page for each audience can increase growth by several magnitudes of scale if done right. 

The Storemaven team is here to help you succeed and achieve just that.

Start Leveraging the new solutions with Storemaven 

This is a new era for App Store marketers around the world. Gone are the days whem you had to rely on a single product page and a single set of creatives and messaging to convey all of your paid & organic audiences to install. 

You now have all the tools you need to implement tailored, highly-performing install funnels and hit the right audience with the right creatives and messaging to maximize conversion rates. This will have an immense impact on your ability to increase growth for your apps and games. 

Think about this analogy from the world of web marketing. 

Until now, it’s as if you’ve only had a single homepage to use to drive demand and users to your product. Suddenly, you can have a tailored landing page for each segment of your audience, showcasing different use cases and benefits. Teams that won’t implement these new capabilities would be staying in a 1-page website era instead of an era where websites can be personalized and customized. 

The Storemaven team’s mission was always to empower mobile marketers, ASO managers, and UA practitioners with the technologies and expertise they need to maximize growth and over-deliver on their KPIs. 

We’re happy to be here for you in this moment, and offer you the tech and expertise you need to succeed with each of these features: 

Five things you must know about Custom Product Pages

    Storemaven for Custom Product Pages

    1. Leverage our ground-breaking audience segmentation and funnel analysis solution, Funnel Analytics, to easily identify opportunities for Custom Product Pages. Discover which audiences and funnels you should implement them on to maximize growth. 

    This includes understanding the contextual funnels that are currently driving paid growth, by sub-publisher and our brand new contextual taxonomy (think identifying a funnel of traffic coming in from “detective themed puzzle games”). 

    iOS 15's Custom Product Pages (CPP) & Product Page Optimization (PPO) Officially Launched. What Should You Do Now? - 3
    1. Leverage our expertise in going from CPP idea to data-driven CPP design brief, to fully designed CPPs using the Storemaven Creative Studio. 
    1. Test your Custom Product Pages using Storemaven technology to improve conversion rates. 
    1. Monitor performance for Custom Product Pages over time and always focus your CPP creative optimization efforts where they matter most. Moreover, understand CPP performance, including downstream data such as retention and sales, which will allow you to understand the effectiveness of your paid campaigns that leverage CPPs. 

    Storemaven for Product Page Optimization

    1. Leverage our ground-breaking audience segmentation and funnel analysis solution, Funnel Analytics, to easily understand your organic funnels from organic search and browse traffic sources. 

    For example, understand what your top contexts are that bring you organic search traffic, so you can understand which audiences your organic/default product page should be optimized for. 

    1. Leverage our expertise in going from organic product page idea to data-driven design brief, to fully designed organic product pages using the Storemaven Creative Studio for Product Page planning.
    2. Monitor performance of your organic product pages over time and always focus your creative optimization efforts where they matter the most.

    Seven tips to start using PPO with Storemaven’s solution

      If you’re interested in starting to unlock the value in custom product pages and product page optimization and see our platform in action, feel free to book a call with one of our experts by filling in the form below. Exciting times!

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