Watch our Webinar: How Wolt Masters App Store Localization in 23 Different Markets Worldwide

With the vast global reach that both app stores now have, how can you strike your app’s full potential? The answer is localization. Its impact on CVR was the main discussion point on our latest webinar.

Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store are available today in more than 150 countries worldwide and support dozens of languages. With such a vast global reach, how can you take advantage of this exposure – striking your app’s full potential? 

The most straightforward answer you sure know of is app localization. The impact of localization on your app performance can be massive. Wolt, the Finnish tech giant known for its food delivery platform, has this covered.

Localization’s impact on CVR was the main discussion point on our latest webinar. Noga Szpiro, Storemaven’s Senior ASO Consultant, was joined by Veera Ala-Kaila, a Performance Marketing Manager at Wolt, as they discussed the art and science of localization:

  • What is the process of launching the app in a new country?
  • How to build local teams, and how to manage and work with them? 
  • How to prioritize between different locations and countries? 
  • The challenges to keep a unified brand while making sure the app is optimized for different geos? 

Watch the full webinar:

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