Watch our Webinar: How to get UA and ASO Teams to Work Together

Come and watch our webinar with Gameloft on how to maximize paid and organic install growth and geting UA and ASO teams to work together.

One of the biggest challenges in mobile growth is the lack of a holistic view. 

Instead of working together to achieve install growth, in many mobile companies, the UA and the ASO teams either function entirely independently or clash based on perceptions of who is helping the other more. 

As most misunderstandings usually go, this disunity costs — whether through higher than necessary user acquisition costs or to lost opportunities for maximizing visibility on the App Store & Google Play. 

But this doesn’t have to be the case. Learn how Gameloft’s UA and ASO teams work together to maximize both paid and organic install growth in our upcoming webinar. Esther Shatz, VP Consultancy at Storemaven, chats to Martin Rusev, Product Marketing Manager, and Slavi Georgiev, UA Manager at Gameloft about:

  • The risk of having UA and ASO siloes 
  • How to take a holistic view on mobile growth
  • How ASO can benefit UA teams
  • How UA teams can benefit ASO teams

Here you can download the deck.

You can watch the full webinar below:

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