How to Track App Downloads and Revenue of Your App and Competitors

There are lots of mobile app tracking tools out there. As the success of your app or game hinges on many elements, start by understanding what best suites your strategy and budget.

Pouring heart and soul into building the app of your dreams can result in tunnel vision; believing your app is the best out there without data to support your opinion is premature. Why? Because if you’re not comparing your app against your competitors to see where you’re positioned relative to the rest of the mobile landscape and how others are strategizing, you’re potentially limiting yourself in terms of optimization and growth.

So how do you actually make comparisons? By tracking key metrics of which there are many, such as app downloads, revenue, keyword rankings of your app and those in the same niche. Once you have market data insights, your opportunities for growth jump significantly; you’ll be able to craft ad creatives effectively, make informed decisions on your user acquisition channel options and so much more. Knowing how to track yours and others key metrics can give you a competitive edge.

Yes, analysis can be a minefield but luckily, you’re never alone when it comes to this stuff. There’s us (!) and other third-party mobile app tracking tools out there that exist solely to help you navigate the analytic dashboards, some of which we’ll run through here as jumping off points for your further investigation.

Google Analytics and Apple Analytics – the basic tools

Google Play Console – Registration fee

Provided by Google, this tool is offered to developers to keep track of their android apps’ performance in Google Play and to compare themselves to competitors. Of course, you can use it to experiment and test iterations and truly get to know your users in the marketplace. This console is easy to use, you can set up a Google Play Console account here.

App Store Connect – Freemium

App Store Connect is the tool available to iOS developers for app analytics, analyzing trends etc in order to grow their apps. Yes, it offers data very specific to the App Store platform but it’s acknowledged in the industry that Connect provides less data than other platforms. And FYI, ‘app units’ is the term used for first time app installs. For access, Login to App Store Connect.

Third-party app downloads and revenue tracking tools 

The following are third-party app tracking tools ranging from free to paid that are definitely worth investigating for revenue data and other key metrics.

App Annie

Collecting data on over eight million apps and thousands of websites allow App Annie to give you an in-depth view of the mobile landscape. App Annie Intelligence offers simple to understand charts and lets you analyze competitive market performance data like revenue, keyword rankings, and ratings. Your ad campaign data is clear and lots more metrics are available for comparison on App Annie Connect. This is a very popular tool and ranks highly amongst those in the field. Works on apps/games on Apple Connect (iOS, tvOS, Mac), Google Play, Amazon, Windows Phone/Store.

App Annie Dashboard

Sensor Tower

Ranging from free (very limited data) to business rates (very focused data), Sensor Tower offers lots of products to help you track what your competitors are doing. App Intelligence (the App Store Optimization focus – of interest for app downloads and revenue), Usage Intelligence (great for Fortune 500 companies and wider economy teams), new App Teardown, and more. With access to Sensor Tower’s ‘App Profiles’ you can see how millions of apps on both platforms are faring with reviews, revenue estimates, downloads and keywords. You can link your Google Play or Apple Connect to your Sensor Tower account for access to everything like your download and revenue data. This tool can be used with both store platforms and is one of the fan favorites for those in the ASO realm.

Sensor Tower - SDk Insights

Mobile Action

A dashboard with all the bells and whistles. Whether you’re a one-man team or a large enterprise, you’ll find it here. Choose from App, ASO, Market Ad or SDK intelligence for your competitors’ insights like keywords, downloads, revenue, chart placements, ad creatives etc. Similar to Sensor Tower, it’s possible to link to your Connect accounts for app download and revenue data on your dashboard. You can get the lowdown on competitor data immediately and the tool can be used with the Google Play Store and the App Store.

How to Track App Downloads and Revenue of Your App and Competitors - 1


The Storemaven platform uses insights from millions of user sessions so you can understand what works for you and your competitors. We’re super strong on A/B testing so once you’ve identified who your competitors are and which creatives/keywords work for them, we help you hypothesize, test, analyze and eventually implement those insights into actionable marketing strategies moving forward. We have dedicated teams that can help you track app downloads and all other important metrics. Request a demo with Storemaven today.

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Final thoughts

The truth is, there are lots of mobile app tracking tools out there. Some require SDK’s and some not, some come for free and some may cost more than your budget allows. But the success of your app or game hinges on many elements, a major player being your mobile marketing strategy, which isn’t something you should be designing on gut-instinct. Instead, you need to analyze the data that’s informing your competitors’ decisions, understanding why they’re doing what they’re doing. 

So what are your next steps? We suggest you start by undertaking some quality research! Request demos and contact providers for a chat so you can understand who offers what tool for the best price. 

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