Watch our Webinar: Finding an audience, not a user – Contextual advertising and UA

Contextual advertising and marketing are more than just a buzzword. Our latest webinar touched on what it is, how it allows you to grow, and how to apply it to your UA strategy.

Did you hear about contextual advertising?

Do you know why so many people in the mobile growth industry are looking into it as the best way to grow their business?

We delved into these pivotal issues in our recent webinar, with the help of Gamesforum’s CEO John Speakman, and NumberEight’s CEO Abhishek Sen. They were joined by Storemaven’s VP Marketing Jonathan Fishman as they discussed:  

* What’s contextual advertising?
* What’s the difference between context in web and mobile?
* Understanding context in mobile
* What is a contextual cohort and what’s the importance for advertisers?
* How does CA allow you to step away from the IDFA?
* Targeting Audience rather than Users
* How to create specific journeys for cohorts. From creative to CPP
* Applied UA through CA
* Linking cohorts to CPPs
* And more

Watch the full discussion here:

About Ron Gordon
Ron is Storemaven's Head of Marketing, the one person you would have guessed will know what this mobile growth talk is all about. A misguided law student and journalist, Ron brings to the table some lack of seriousness the Hitech realm is desperately in need of. In his spare time, he's mainly trolling Whatsapp groups.

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