Watch our Webinar: iOS 14.5 – A Brave New World for Mobile Growth

As iOS 14.5 is about to roll out, we need to be bold - to go back to marketing and growth basics and think about how to continue to produce growth. Watch our full webinar on this matter and be ready for this brave new world ahead.

That’s it. iOS 14.5 is about to roll out, and Apple’s privacy guidelines will force all mobile marketers, growth managers, ASO people, and UA folks to navigate their way for continued growth in this new brave world.

Why brave? Because as mobile marketers, we got used to being able to access the world’s most sophisticated ecosystem for hyper-targeting of users based on almost everything they do online and offline, re-targeting and measuring exactly where each user came from and why. 

Without it, we need to be brave. We need to go back to marketing and growth basics and think creatively on how we can continue to produce growth without granular data on every user. We’re still being accounted for revenues, install, and DAU/MAU growth, and we need to stand up and shine. 

Storemaven has turned every stone and researched this brave new world, and we want to share with you:

  • All the most recent details about how iOS 14.5 will change ASO, UA, Marketing, and Growth day today? What’s being taken away from us?
  • Why has Apple made this decision, and what should we prepare for in the future?
  • SKAdNetwork 2.2 and how Apple’s attribution solution will work?
  • What’s Apple attribution logic, and how useful is it?
  • What will happen to your paid funnel when targeting broadens?
  • How should you manage the creative optimization of mobile ads and app store creatives to continue growth?

Below you can watch the full webinar – with Storemaven’s experts Katie Blechner, Adam Rakib, and Jonathan Fishman. You can also download the deck here.

About Ron Gordon
Ron is Storemaven's Head of Marketing, the one person you would have guessed will know what this mobile growth talk is all about. A misguided law student and journalist, Ron brings to the table some lack of seriousness the Hitech realm is desperately in need of. In his spare time, he's mainly trolling Whatsapp groups.

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