Watch our Webinar with Phiture: Accelerate Your Mobile Game Growth – Leveraging Structured Frameworks

In our recent webinar, our panelists discussed game growth tactics, the rise in competition, the new use of data and the latest capabilities in iOS and Google.
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Mobile Growth in 2022 – It’s time to stop talking about what we’ve lost since iOS 14.5 and the deprecation of IDFA, and start talking about what we gained, in many aspects of our day-to-day, whether be it measurement capacities, the rise in demand for privacy, deeper granularity, new journey capabilities, and more. 

Our webinar panelists, Eran Friedman from Singular, Mariusz Gasiewski from Google, Salman Saeed from Phiture and our own Esther Shatz, discussed these changes and the many opportunities mobile growth practitioners and specifically mobile games developers can relish at this point in time from this new shift – they discussed growth tactics, the growing competition, the new ways to use data, the new iOS and Google Store updates, to name the few.

In case you missed it, here’s another opportunity to join the discussion and stay ahead of the curve:

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