That’s the Tea Session 1: The future of the mobile growth stack

Our first virtual conference hosts over 950 experienced colleagues sharing the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the mobile growth realm. Missed it? Take a tour through the sessions: Starting with our CEO Gad Maor

Like every speaker at the conference, Gad Maor, Storemaven’s CEO and Co-founder knows mobile growth past and present, but, as the leader of a disruptive, innovative company that never stands still, it makes sense that he’s looking to the future. Gad says that the IDFA depreciation isn’t a coincidence, it’s just another step towards a new era of user privacy that was always on the horizon (remember GDPR?), and his session explores how marketers must think about switching their mindsets to be better aligned with the winter that’s coming. Mobile growth will no longer be about delivering segmented user data at a campaign-level; Gad predicts the future will be the industry returning to the human roots of marketing and using the tech around us (that maybe we have to build?) to analyze and measure an aggregated view of a business. Watch the full video (highly recommended!) to get the full picture as opposed to the written version that doesn’t do Gad’s presentation justice:

  • Change starts with personal growth and begins in you. How can you pause and be critical to think about being a better professional to exist in the future of mobile growth? As you plan for the future of privacy, you’ll need to rethink and change your mindsets to turn this time into an opportunity because, in five years, the industry won’t look as it does now. This means going back to the human roots of marketing.  
  • Do you have the talent in your team and is there the technology that will support a Macro Analyst Vision? A ‘big-picture’ view will help you see which overall forces impact the business, whether you generated them or they’re in the environment.
  • Ask yourself: Do I have a team for a macro analyst view? Do I have creative critical thinkers in my team? How well do I know my users? (You need to go beyond the numbers by understanding who your users are, what messages they expect or don’t expect to see that will make them act accordingly.
  • Testing will still exist but it will need to be updated; you’ll need to run more and more experiments and measure the results in an aggregated way to tell a coherent story. 
  • The way we’ve used creatives will need to change. Think about creatives and messages that will make your users take action towards your brand.
  • Plan for the future with terms of the future. Ad creative experimentations, app store testing, user research & surveys, macro analyst work (measurement and analysis side of the business), time series analysis, incrementality & lift studies, and cannibalization studies. 

Download the deck here.

Watch Gad’s session:

Jonathan Fishman
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