Storemaven Presents a New ASO Platform, Built for iOS 15

In a new, complex mobile growth reality, it’s time to say goodbye confusion, hello clarity. We are proud to introduce the new platform that we built to help you plan, manage, test, analyze, and monitor the true impact of ASO.

For the past seven years, we at Storemaven have been committed to building world-class technology powered with world-class expertise for mobile marketers to be able to hit their growth targets and thrive. 

Recently we wrote about the two tectonic shifts that are changing the reality for all ASO, marketing, UA, and growth folk in the mobile industry. If you missed it, you can grab it right here

The first shift has been towards privacy and the deprecation of user-level data for the purposes of attribution and targeting. The second — towards an app-store-centric world where the App Store becomes one of the most important growth engines for every mobile marketing team. Both have resulted in the industry having to deal with a plethora of new ‘how-to’ challenges, such as: 

  • How to reach high-quality audiences without user-level targeting 
  • How to identify the biggest install funnel opportunities, both paid & organic 
  • How to leverage In-App Events to maximize growth
  • How to plan and deploy Custom Product Pages for different funnels, and design them based on data to make sure conversion rates are maximized 
  • How to leverage App Store & Google Play data as an important source of truth and truly understand growth performance 
  • How to monitor install funnels in a world where user-level attribution is broken 
  • How to manage the operational complexity of managing dozens of product pages per country 
  • How to analyze the impact of ASO efforts when product pages have a much more important role in growing an app or game.

In our new, complex mobile growth reality, we believe it’s time to say goodbye to confusion, hello clarity.

This is why I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve now opened our next-gen ASO platform that was made with these challenges in mind. From this moment on, don’t worry about solving them, focus instead on how you can hit your growth targets and excel in your career. 

The platform has several components to it, some of which will be coming soon, but you can see it in action right now. Be part of the most forward-thinking mobile marketers who are already using it and seeing excellent results. 

Here’s what’s inside the box:


Storemaven Presents a New ASO Platform, Built for iOS 15 - 1

Now that you can’t rely on ad networks presenting ads to extremely high-intent users, Install Funnel Analytics is the revolutionary product that unlocks the ability to engage in true contextual marketing. 

By collecting, engineering, and presenting growth data the way an expert data science team would, for the first time you’ll be able to see yours according to funnels: countries, sources, and most importantly, contextual referrer groups. Identify top-performing funnels from contextual sources such as “hidden-object” games, “endless runner” games and more. 

Through identifying your top funnels in terms of first-time downloads, redownloads, and sales, you can prioritize them, design and plan product pages (either default for organic traffic or Custom Product Pages for paid traffic) for that audience. Your creatives and messaging will match the context these users are coming with when landing on your store front. 

Storemaven Presents a New ASO Platform, Built for iOS 15 - 2

Install Funnel Analytics is the equivalent of having a data professional continuously analyzing your true growth drivers and sources, and showing you in real-time where to focus your product page efforts.


Custom Product Pages (CPPs) are just around the corner. So you’re going to face operational challenges such as managing multiple pages for each country, making intelligent scheduling decisions, and making bulk updates and changes for many pages at once. 

Storemaven Presents a New ASO Platform, Built for iOS 15 - 3

We are developing the world’s first ‘command hub’ for your App Store that’ll allow you to keep track, make changes, and schedule your product page for real-time optimization.


The only solution in the world that allows you to A/B test your Custom Product Pages powered by the statistical engine (StoreIQ) that we developed over the past seven years. Run native A/B tests on the App Store, be guided on running a statistically valid test, and have the confidence to deploy the variation that’s the real winner. 

This is the most loved behavioral A/B testing solution for product pages which allows you to run tests on replicated App Store pages and collect insights on how users engage with your product page. Get data on video engagement, screenshot gallery engagement, and truly understand why users install (or don’t). Knowledge is power so by pinpointing exactly how to improve your product pages for specific audiences, you can rapidly and iteratively improve conversion rates for paid & organic audiences. 

Storemaven Presents a New ASO Platform, Built for iOS 15 - 4

And if you’re at the crucial stage of launching a new app or game, with replicated App Store testing you’ll get crucial marketability insight and gauge the demand for your concept or refine your product marketing messaging prior to release.


Once you make changes and improvements to your product pages, it’s critical to have systems in place to holistically measure the impact on your growth (on all paid & organic funnels). Report them beautifully to celebrate your wins, and understand quickly which install funnel needs attention or improvement.

Storemaven Presents a New ASO Platform, Built for iOS 15 - 5


  • App Store, Google Play, MMP, and Search Ads Data Feed 

When App Store data becomes evermore important, you face the real challenge of crucial data being locked in App Store Connect without access to an Analytics API. 

We’ve released a no-code, mission-critical, and secure feed that allows you to access the data in any BI system you’re using. Storemaven’s App Data Management Platform allows you to leverage non-API data for the first time so your team can better understand your growth. 

With an easy-to-set-up integration, previously inaccessible App Store data will now be yours.

Maximize growth with iOS 15’s In-App Events

    We’re not done, there’s more:

    Full funnel optimization consultancy and agency

    We’re also introducing a new consultancy and agency built by the most experienced and talented mobile growth team in the world, offering full-funnel optimization services for both paid & organic funnels. 

    With our new App Store Optimization services, you’ll feel as if the App Store Marketing team behind the fastest-growing apps and games is a natural extension of your own, working tirelessly to improve your growth. And they’ll be using the world’s best technology to do it.

    Product page planning

    Running out of ideas on how to create product pages that convert for your top audiences? No problem. Still want these pages designed by your internal team? Cool! 

    Our team of experts have limitless experience in producing creative briefs based on data, deep competitor analysis, and AI-generated hypotheses, for you to pass to your designers. 

    You can rely on us to help you overcome the challenge of planning dozens of product pages. 

    App Store creative production studio 

    Worried about design bandwidth for new App Store product page creatives? Be it icons, screenshots, or videos, our new Creative Production Studio has your back. 

    Our studio is unique because our creative experts utilize Storemaven data on what works in the App Store and what doesn’t. We have the only design team in the world that replaces guesswork with data. 

    You’ll be able to get on-demand App Store creatives that are both stunning and unrivaled in their conversion rate performance. 

    Feel free to check the platform in our new product section. Want to see it live? Our team of experts would be only happy to get you set up quickly -> request a demo to try it out today

    Jonathan Fishman
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    Jonathan is Storemaven's VP of Marketing and Growth. Before joining Storemaven he spent ten years commanding tanks, working on Wall St., consulting high-growth companies, and exploring Black Rock City. In his spare time, he likes building things from wood, listening to Frank Zappa, and spending time with his daughter.

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