Introducing our New Podcast Series: Mobile Growth and Pancakes

We are delighted to present our podcast series: Mobile Growth and Pancakes. In each episode we'll host a mobile growth expert that will help us to break down a specific strategy.

Hello fellow mobile growth-ers, we have an exciting new treat to share.

So with no further ado, but with great pleasure, I want to introduce what’s been keeping us busy here in the Storemaven marketing department over the last few months – our first-ever podcast series – Mobile Growth and Pancakes.

In this podcast, hosted by our very own Esther Shatz, Storemaven’s VP Product Marketing and Consultancy, we break down how and why mobile apps grow.

In each episode, we invite a mobile growth expert onto the show to break down a specific mobile growth strategy: how it worked, why it worked, and what they would do differently.

Check out all the episodes of Mobile Growth & Pancakes here or listen on:

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    Why Pancakes, you ask? Well, not only is it a personal favorite of ours here at Storemaven; it’s also the most enjoyable way to spice up your day from the get-go…much like a winning growth strategy. Plus…you can learn a lot about a person by his topping of choice, don’t you think?

    Jonathan Fishman
    About Jonathan Fishman
    Jonathan is Storemaven's VP of Marketing and Growth. Before joining Storemaven he spent ten years commanding tanks, working on Wall St., consulting high-growth companies, and exploring Black Rock City. In his spare time, he likes building things from wood, listening to Frank Zappa, and spending time with his daughter.

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