Watch our Webinar: Hypercasual Hits – From Ideation to Success

Watch our recent webinar with GamesForum and BoomBit as we discussed the intricacies of hypercasual success.

For every hypercasual game launched, many more suffer the necessary fate of the chop. Cast aside on the proverbial cutting room of the Hypercasual studio.

In our recent webinar, we took a look at how hypercasual games make the cut. We discussed:

  • Ideation – where the concept comes from, BI Stack, mechanics, etc.
  • Testing – marketing assets, keywords, etc.
  • Soft Launch – who, where, and how?
  • And much more.

Watch Storemaven’s VP of Consultancy Esther Shatz, The Head of Publishing, Hypercasual at BoomBit, Costa Carrega, and moderator John Speakman, Gamesforum’s CEO, as they worked their way across these topics in a fascinating webinar.

Check the video here below.

Jonathan Fishman
About Jonathan Fishman
Jonathan is Storemaven's VP of Marketing and Growth. Before joining Storemaven he spent ten years commanding tanks, working on Wall St., consulting high-growth companies, and exploring Black Rock City. In his spare time, he likes building things from wood, listening to Frank Zappa, and spending time with his daughter.

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