Stop losing installs and regain control

Storemaven’s next-gen iOS 15
ASO platform paves the way
for app mobile growth

Increase organic & paid growth
and hit your growth targets

    Goodbye Confusion
    Hello Clarity.

    Storemaven’s ASO software was made for iOS 15.
    It’s everything you need to deliver the right App Store for every funnel.


    The only ASO platform that solves everything
    you need to optimize your product pages

    Funnel Analytics: Visualize your install funnels and segment your paid & organic audiences

    Focus your marketing efforts where they matter most by easily surfacing your top install funnel opportunities.
    Try Funnel Analytics

    Product Page Planning: Plan app product pages with data for better conversion rates

    Deploy a proven data-driven methodology to create effective App Store product page design briefs.
    Try Product Page Planning

    Custom Product Page Testing: Got great ideas? Test them with the only CPP testing solution

    Run accurate Custom Product Page A/B tests natively with proven technology, and make the right decisions in real-time.
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    Product Page Automation: Stay sane by automating your product page releases

    Don’t lose control by manually managing hundreds of App Store install funnels. Instead, maximize performance by automating & scheduling deployment.
    Try Product Page Automation

    App Store Analytics: Analyze the impact of your product page on all install funnels

    Easily monitor and analyze the performance of your paid and organic install funnels so you always know your best next step to maximize growth.
    Try App Store Analytics

    Product Page A/B Testing: Knowing your users has never been more important. Test to understand why they install

    Storemaven’s app product page A/B testing allows you to do everything that native testing doesn’t, so you can maximize paid & organic conversion rates.
    Try Product Page A/B Testing

    App Data Management: The only way to get App Store data straight to your BI

    Get all your relevant App Store and Google Play data from Storemaven’s data feed, to whatever BI solution you’re working with.
    Try App Data Management

    Platform Overview - 8
    Platform Overview - 8

    See the ASO platform in action

      Yonatan Maor, General Manager,  Playstudios

      With the shift towards privacy in mobile advertising, creatives became even more significant to our success. Storemaven’s platform boosts our performance and is critical for our continued growth.

      Yonatan Maor, General Manager, Playstudios

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