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Episode #31: How Can Instant Games Grow Fast with Novel Rahman

In this episode, Sr. UA manager at Playco Novel Rahman discusses instant games, content marketing, social platforms, and the pros and cons of not having to deal with IDFA deprecation.

Episode #47: Developing a Growth Strategy for Mobile Game Categories with Jerome Turnbull

In this episode of our podcast, we sat down with AppLovin's VP of Growth and discussed game monetization, choosing the right app store categories and first-party UA.

Episode #32: Adapting to the New Mobile Growth Normal with Raphaël Labouré

In episode 32 of our podcast we talked with MWM's Head of Growth Raphael Laboure about the IDFA deprecation, how ROAS is not an accurate indicator anymore and how to readjust to the new industry reality following iOS 15.

Episode #48: What Mobile Marketers Should Know About UGC Ads with Christian Eckhardt

We sat down with Customlytics' CEO to talk about user-generated content, and how to adjust to an ever-changing industry like the mobile advertising one.

Episode #33: Leading Successful UA Gaming Campaigns with Alexander Lubchenko

Episode 33 of our podcast welcomes Alex Lubchenko, CMO at video game publisher Nekki. Alex discusses UA strategies, organic growth, and the reasons he also analyzes non-gaming campaigns.

Episode #49: What Are the New Capabilities in Google Play and What Do They Mean?

In this special episode of Mobile Growth and Pancakes, our two hosts faced each other to talk about Google’s recently announced mobile marketing tool changes.

Episode #36: Driving an Effective User Acquisition Strategy with Macarena Sabalza

In this episode of our podcast, Mobile Growth and Pancakes, Macarena Sabalza from Papumba shares UA strategies and best practices to drive and support growth.

Episode #50: Leading Efficient UA and Growth Strategies with Mariusz Gąsiewski

Our guest on this episode of MGP is CEE Mobile Gaming Lead at Google, Mariusz Gasiewski, sharing his takes on the changes in the gaming industry, Google's privacy ecosystem and how to build a team of pros.

Episode #34: Leveraging Marketing Tools for a Dating App with Guilhem Duche

Our guest on the 34th episode of our podcast - Guilhem Duche, shares his experience with building and growing a dating app, why he started to invest in ASO, and what KPIs he follows.

Episode #51: Designing an Innovative UA Marketing Strategy with Stefana Pesko

In this episode of Mobile Growth and Pancakes, we sat down with Product Madness' UA Manager to talk about creatives, mobile marketing tools, targeted campaigns and future trends.

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