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Episode #21: Post-IDFA Mobile Advertising with Offer Yehudai

In episode 21 of Mobile Growth and Pancakes, we sat down with Offer Yehudai, President at Fyber, to go into the nuts and bolts of mobile advertising - and whether this industry can recover after a rough year.

Episode #22: Launching Hit Mobile Games with Sophie Vo

Episode 22 of our podcast, Mobile Growth and Pancakes, is all about gaming, as Sophie Vo, Studio and game lead at Voodoo shares her secrets.

Episode #23: Designing Affiliate Marketing Funnels with Marichka Baluk

In this episode, we're joined by Blinkist's Director of Online Marketing to talk about affiliate marketing metrics and how to succeed in a time of a global pandemic.

Episode #17: Video Creative Mastery with Bryan Buskas

Our guest in episode 17 is Bryan Buskas, VP, Gaming, at Tubescience, who shares his love for performance marketing, actionable data, and creativity that makes an impact.

Episode #16: Ad Automation and Creative Strategies with Hannah Parvaz

In episode 16 of Mobile Growth and Pancakes, Hannah Parvaz, Head of Growth at Curio Labs, shares her strategies and tips for creating ads that bring growth.

Episode #15: Closed Vs Open Funnels with Noam Auerbach

In episode 15 of Mobile Growth and Pancakes, Noam Auerbach from Enhancv is explaining the difference between open and closed funnels and the upcoming impact of iOS 14.

Episode #14: The State of Mobile Growth with Thomas Petit

In episode 14 of Mobile Growth and Pancakes, we embark on a trip with Thomas Petit down app store optimization lane.

Episode #13: KPI Selection with Lisa Kennelly

In episode 13 we chat with Fishbrain's CMO Lisa Kennelly about eComm and subscription-based operations, and how she leverages data from millions of users for better engagement.

Episode #12: The Evolution of Mobile Growth with Mary Filimanchuk

In episode 12 we welcomed Apalon's Director of Marketing Mary Filmanchuk. We discussed innovation as a skill, the different types of marketers and the unfolding of a modern campaign.

Episode #11: Advertising Without Targeting with Chang Chen

In this episode, we chatted with Chang Chen from, about understanding the users, lookalike audience, and targeting strategies. Listen to this episode and more here.

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