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Episode #36: Driving an Effective User Acquisition Strategy with Macarena Sabalza

In this episode of our podcast, Mobile Growth and Pancakes, Macarena Sabalza from Papumba shares UA strategies and best practices to drive and support growth.

Episode #34: Leveraging Marketing Tools for a Dating App with Guilhem Duche

Our host on the 34th episode of our podcast - Guilhem Duche, shares his experience with building and growing a dating app, why he started to invest in ASO, and what KPIs he follows.

Episode #35: How to Maximize a Mobile Game’s Business Potential with Ivan Trancik

In episode #35 of our podcast, we sat down with Ivan Trancik, SuperScale CEO and Founder. We talked about the mobile game industry, LTV growth and how to optimize a game's content for players.

Episode #21: Post-IDFA Mobile Advertising with Offer Yehudai

In episode 21 of Mobile Growth and Pancakes, we sat down with Offer Yehudai, President at Fyber, to go into the nuts and bolts of mobile advertising - and whether this industry can recover after a rough year.

Episode #22: Launching Hit Mobile Games with Sophie Vo

Episode 22 of our podcast, Mobile Growth and Pancakes, is all about gaming, as Sophie Vo, Studio and game lead at Voodoo shares her secrets.

Episode #23: Designing Affiliate Marketing Funnels with Marichka Baluk

In this episode, we're joined by Blinkist's Director of Online Marketing to talk about affiliate marketing metrics and how to succeed in a time of a global pandemic.

Episode #24: Overcoming Growth Challenges Through Customer Lifecycle Management with Victor Seca

The customer lifecycle is not a topic we deal with often on our podcast, yet such an imperative part of any marketing strategy. Our latest episode welcomes Victor Seca, to explain and share more.

Episode #25: Hyperlocal Growth Strategies with Jeff Aksengor

How to build a localized go-to-market strategy and how to readjust your content strategy during a pandemic. Our latest episode with Jeff Askengor reveals this and more.

Episode #26: Growing Your App While Building Credibility with Jeff Perkins

In episode 26, we talked then CMO of ParkMobile (now CEO) Jeff Perkins, who shared secrets on building a marketing strategy and balance product vision with responding to user feedback.

Episode #27: Are Paid UA Ads Useless? With Tom Hammond

How small-budget studios, struggling with resources, can use audience-based strategies and paid ads to create hit games? Listen to episode #27 of our podcast with Tom Hammond to learn more.

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