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Dor Isseroff on growth through mobile on device campaigns

Episode #46: Driving Incremental Growth Through Mobile On-Device Campaigns with Dor Isseroff

In this episode of our podcast series we chatted with ironSource's Senior Director of Sales about how to increase awareness and get more incremental users.

Episode #33: Leading Successful UA Gaming Campaigns with Alexander Lubchenko

Episode 33 of our podcast welcomes Alex Lubchenko, CMO at video game publisher Nekki. Alex discusses UA strategies, organic growth, and the reasons he also analyzes non-gaming campaigns.

Episode #36: Driving an Effective User Acquisition Strategy with Macarena Sabalza

In this episode of our podcast, Mobile Growth and Pancakes, Macarena Sabalza from Papumba shares UA strategies and best practices to drive and support growth.

Episode #34: Leveraging Marketing Tools for a Dating App with Guilhem Duche

Our guest on the 34th episode of our podcast - Guilhem Duche, shares his experience with building and growing a dating app, why he started to invest in ASO, and what KPIs he follows.

Episode #35: How to Maximize a Mobile Game’s Business Potential with Ivan Trancik

In episode #35 of our podcast, we sat down with Ivan Trancik, SuperScale CEO and Founder. We talked about the mobile game industry, LTV growth and how to optimize a game's content for players.

Episode #37: Mastering UA Globally and Locally with Veera Ala-Kaila

In our latest episode of Mobile Growth and Pancakes, we sat with Wolt's User Acquisition lead Veera Ala-Kaila to discuss UA strategies and location-based decisions.

Episode #38: How Brand Marketing is Making a Comeback with Brooke McKnight

In episode 38 of our podcast - Mobile Growth and Pancakes - we talked with Jam City's VP of Product Marketing about brand marketing choices and strategies.

Episode #39: Understanding Growth Loops and Channel Strategy with Scott Dodson

In episode 39 of Mobile Growth and Pancakes we sat down with Scott Dodson, the CMO at Play Magnus Group, who taught us more about growth, retention, and channel strategy.

Episode #40: How Do In-App Events Influence ASO with Jevgen Tarasenko

In the 40th episode of our podcast, we talked with Tilting Point's Head of ASO about the new iOS 15 features, such as In-App Events, and how they can improve your growth metrics.

Episode #41: How to Develop Subscription-Based Apps with Dan Burcaw

We welcome back our host Esther Shatz, sitting in this episode with Nami's Co-founder and CEO, to discuss why more app developers need to adopt the subscription model.

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