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Watch our Webinar: iOS 15 – a new era for mobile growth

Apple's iOS 15 will bring many new opportunities to ASO and UA teams worldwide. Join Storemaven's Co-founders for a discussion about the future of this industry, and our coming solution.

iOS 14.5 – Effect on App Store Optimization and Testing

Where do we go after the iOS 14.5 adoption? Well, the answer lies within your creative optimization strategy. Storemaven's Director of Marketing explains more.

Episode #20: Sustaining Long-term Mobile Growth with Andrej Kugonic

Celebrating 20 episodes of Mobile Growth and Pancakes with Andrej Kugonic from Nordeus. We talked about marketing for mobile games, brand marketing metrics and how to maintain growth over ten years.

Episode #19: Early-stage Mobile Growth with Saulo Marti

In episode 19 of Mobile Growth and Pancakes, Esther Shatz sat with Saulo Marti, Director of Marketing at Olist, to hear firsthand about growth strategies, a testing first mindset and CVR optimization.

Watch our Webinar: How to make influencer marketing POP

How Freshplanet used Storemaven to take influencer marketing strategy and measurement to the next level? Watch our webinar about the intricacies and impact of this pivotal tactic.

Is the new App Store paid suggested search ad placement worth it?

Amidst the commotion of the new iOS 14.5 privacy guidelines, we mustn't overlook two other important features: The Suggested search results tab and the new Apple ad placement. Here's why.

Episode #18: Exploring the Google Ads Black Box with Natalie Drozd

In episode 18 of our podcast, we welcomed Natalie Dzord, a growth marketing enthusiast, to talk about universal app campaigns, cannibalization challenges and the future of ASO.

Episode #17: Video Creative Mastery with Bryan Buskas

Our guest in episode 17 is Bryan Buskas, VP, Gaming, at Tubescience, who shares his love for performance marketing, actionable data, and creativity that makes an impact.

Watch Our Webinar: Navigating Blind – Creative Optimization Post IDFA

With Apple's new privacy guidelines knocking, it's going to be a challenging time for mobile growth practitioners to understand the impact of their creative optimization efforts. Watch our webinar with Tilting Point and Gamesforum to understand where you should focus your efforts.

ASO App Store Category Spotlight: Shopping Apps

How do the biggest brands in the world like Target, Nike and eBay optimize their app store pages to increase conversions? It’s time for our next category spotlight: Shopping apps.

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