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Dor Isseroff on growth through mobile on device campaigns

Episode #46: Driving Incremental Growth Through Mobile On-Device Campaigns with Dor Isseroff

In this episode of our podcast series we chatted with ironSource's Senior Director of Sales about how to increase awareness and get more incremental users.

Episode #47: Developing a Growth Strategy for Mobile Game Categories with Jerome Turnbull

In this episode of our podcast, we sat down with AppLovin's VP of Growth and discussed game monetization, choosing the right app store categories and first-party UA.
Game Developers - When (and Why) You Should Consider Switching App Store Categories to Maximize Growth?

Game Developers – When (and Why) You Should Switch App Store Categories to Maximize Growth?

Choosing the right category for your mobile game has a ton of impact. But you might get more downloads from being ranked #8 in Casual, than being ranked #3 on RPG. This piece will help you pave the way for your desired audience.

Episode #48: What Mobile Marketers Should Know About UGC Ads with Christian Eckhardt

We sat down with Customlytics' CEO to talk about user-generated content, and how to adjust to an ever-changing industry like the mobile advertising one.

The New Acronym for All Game Developers: What You Should Know About RTPs?

When your game receives quality users from an unconnected app, don’t just shrug your shoulders. Understand how they got to your game and capitalize on their reasoning for choosing it. Our VP of Product Marketing has more.

Watch our Webinar: The Big Apple – How iOS 15’s In-App Events and Custom Product Pages Changed Mobile Growth

It’s been almost a year since Apple’s new iOS 15 features went live. Watch this Apptweak & Storemaven webinar to learn more about In-App Events, Custom Product Pages and Product Page Optimization adoption stories.

Episode #49: What Are the New Capabilities in Google Play and What Do They Mean?

In this special episode of Mobile Growth and Pancakes, our two hosts faced each other to talk about Google’s recently announced mobile marketing tool changes.

Watch our Webinar: iOS 15 – a new era for mobile growth

Apple's iOS 15 will bring many new opportunities to ASO and UA teams worldwide. Join Storemaven's Co-founders for a discussion about the future of this industry, and our coming solution.
google play new capabilities: 2022 update

New Google Play Developer Console Marketing Capabilities: 2022 Update

Google just introduced game-changing capabilities for mobile marketers, UA and ASO folks that rival those introduced by Apple back in 2021. Storemaven’s VP Marketing gives you a guided tour around the new offerings and what they mean for your mobile growth.

That’s the tea on mobile growth 2021: The conference recap

Inspiring sessions with top mobile marketing experts and all the answers you need to cope with one of the most pivotal years for mobile practitioners. That's the tea 2021 - The recap.

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