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That’s the tea on mobile growth 2021: The conference recap

Inspiring sessions with top mobile marketing experts and all the answers you need to cope with one of the most pivotal years for mobile practitioners. That's the tea 2021 - The recap.

Episode #50: Leading Efficient UA and Growth Strategies with Mariusz Gąsiewski

Our guest on this episode of MGP is CEE Mobile Gaming Lead at Google, Mariusz Gasiewski, sharing his takes on the changes in the gaming industry, Google's privacy ecosystem and how to build a team of pros.

5 Dating In-App Events to Learn From for Your App Store Optimization (ASO) Efforts

Check how these 5 top-notch dating apps used In-App Events to attract and engage with their users. A guest post by DOWN Dating App team.

Mobile Growth-ers: Welcome to the Era of Intelligent Optimization

The app stores came to life as an afterthought, in a time when most believed their CVR was near 100%. They were essentially technical specs. Now, many years later, with Google upping Apple's iOS 15 tools, we've gone a full 180°. It's a world of powerful knowledge with no ceiling on optimization. Storemaven's VP Consultancy has more.

That’s the Tea 2021: Everything You Need to Know About Custom Product Pages

Arguably the most important feature that came out with iOS 15, Custom Product Pages are set to change how UA and ASO marketers operate and work. This session with industry leaders David Flynn and Martin Rusev will help you stay ahead of the game.

Episode #51: Designing an Innovative UA Marketing Strategy with Stefana Pesko

In this episode of Mobile Growth and Pancakes, we sat down with Product Madness' UA Manager to talk about creatives, mobile marketing tools, targeted campaigns and future trends.
Enric Pedro episode 45 small

Episode #45: Driving Growth in the Mobile Gaming Industry with Enric Pedró

In this episode of Mobile Growth & Pancakes, Jonathan Fishman is joined by Enric Pedró, VP of Growth at Tilting Point, to discuss Enric’s role and his approach to mobile growth, UA, ASO, and analytics.
Apple's WWDC 2022

Apple WWDC 2022: What it Means for Mobile Marketers?

Earlier this week, Apple hosted its annual developer conference, WWDC 2022 and introduced the world to iOS 16. Our VP Marketing analyzes what the main focal points are for mobile marketers.

Watch our Webinar: Gaming Growth – Optimizing the Full User Journey for Effective App Install Campaigns

Join experts from Wooga, SciPlay, yellowHEAD and Storemaven looking into the new challenging world of UA managers.

Episode #53: The Future of Mobile Gaming Distribution With Piyush Mishra

Product Madness' Head of Growth Marketing join us for this episode, to talk about performance marketing in gaming and app-based companies, how iOS 14.5 impacted gaming distribution and more.

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