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iOS 15 New Features for App Store Optimization | Storemaven

iOS 15’s New Features that Revolutionize App Store Optimization (ASO)

iOS 15’s new features, Product Page Optimization and Custom Product Pages, will revolutionize App Store Optimization (ASO). Learn about how iOS 15 is changing the ASO landscape.

CEO Talks: Don’t Chase Product-Market Fit. Feeling Comfortable With Uncertainty Will Help You Dream Big

"I learned that it's dangerous for a business to constantly try to reach product-market fit and super risky if you read it wrong." Our CEO Gad Maor on how to mix business perspective and fairy dust.

CEO Talks: How To Take A Respectful, Yet Uncompromising, Approach To Firing

"From the first day I knew that a defining feature would be how we treated people, from their arrival through their departure". Our CEO Gad Maor on how you should look for people when it's time to part.

CEO Talks: How A Company Built On Resilience Can Stand In The Face Of A Global Pandemic

"The feeling I keep coming back to during this time is pride". Our CEO and Co-founder Gad Maor on how a company can cope with harder times and still emerge triumphantly.

How to Design the Perfect App Store Product Page

Content is everything. Each element on your App Store Product Page has a crucial role in driving installs to your mobile app.

Drop the Optimization. Keep the App Store

From the very beginning, the industry has gotten app store optimization wrong. And it’s time we fixed it. ASO is no longer merely about optimizing your creative store assets.

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