That’s the tea on mobile growth 2021: The conference recap

Inspiring sessions with top mobile marketing experts and all the answers you need to cope with one of the most pivotal years for mobile practitioners. That's the tea 2021 - The recap.

It’s been a few days since our ‘That’s the Tea on mobile growth – thriving after iOS 15’ 2021 conference, and we’re still buzzing. The thrill of building a 750+ attendee event with great friends (waddup Apptweak!) is amazing, but actually, we really do it so that marketers, UA & ASO teams, and game/app developers can elevate their mobile growth knowledge, skills, and practices. If you joined us in person, thanks for coming! We hope you enjoyed the sessions. If you only signed up to get the recordings and decks, fair play, we understand.  

For the past year, privacy has been the industry’s biggest sticking point, thanks to Apple’s deprecation of the IDFA which made user-level tracking a thing of the past, much like my commitment to fitness and my waistline.

iOS 15 is as prickly as its predecessor, with PPCs and PPO and IAEs (which didn’t give everyone the LOLs immediately) But the new OS will bring huge opportunities for growth if the capabilities are harnessed correctly. We encourage you to embrace the change that’is coming, (a term you’ll hear a lot throughout the sessions). You’ll likely have muscle-memory for old-school marketing when you go back to a more creative-led methodology to engage and understand your audience.

Let’s continue to our first session, shall we?

Session #1: Mobile growth’s state of the union

(With App Growth Consultant Thomas Petit, Head of ASO at AppTweak Simon Thillay and Storemaven’s VP Marketing Jonathan Fishman).

In a nutshell – the mobile growth industry has shifted towards being privacy-first and we’ve lost access to tons of user-level data previously provided from the ad networks. So what’s Mobile Growth’s state of the union right now? 

The industry is changing at a fast pace but remains strong. There’s a lot coming to mobile growth to be excited about… Let’s hear from the experts.

Session #2: Everything you need to know about CPPs

(With Martin Rusev Product marketing manager at Gameloft, David Flynn Senior marketing manager at Netspend, and Katie Blechner, Storemaven’s CS Team Leader).

Apple’s ‘coming soon’ Custom Product Pages (CPPs) are 35 uniquely designed app store pages that can be used to drive paid audiences to. CPPs will allow the understanding of optimal messaging for converting specific audiences, so get ready to create product pages for every UA funnel. Here are the main takeaways from the session. Download the deck here.

Session #3: Planning, operating and analyzing of your app store performance post iOS 15

(With Product Madness’s Saikala Sultanova and Laura Krivetskaya, plus Storemaven Co-founder and CEO Adam Rakib)

iOS 15 is a moment in the evolution of mobile growth that’s shifting from privacy-centric to app store-centric. With the introduction of capabilities like Product Page Optimization (PPO), Custom product Pages (CPO), In-App Events (IAEs), and access to new metrics, ASO folk will need to have a deeper understanding of their app store performance if they’re to thrive. Here’s the full video of the session. Download the deck here.

Session #4: iOS 15 and In-App Events: A gift to re-engagement, discoverability and UA

(With Twitch’s Senior Growth Manager Wes Yuen, Head of ASO at Apptweak Simon Thillay, and Jonathan Fishman, VP of Marketing at Storemaven)

iOS 15 offers a new way to install apps and games. In-App Event (IAE) cards will be placed throughout the App Store and by tapping on them, users will arrive at an event details page with a unique URL (plus the ‘get’ button can be deep linked). There’s plenty of ASO flexing with IAEs. Here are the main takeaways from the session. Download the deck here.

Session #5: How privacy affects UA in iOS and what to do about it

(With Offer Yehudai CMO at Digital Turbine and Adam Rakib, Storemaven’s President and Co-founder)

This inspiring talk between the two industry veterans delves into the many impacts on mobile growth since Apple shifted towards being privacy-centric. There’s honesty in here, brutal truths, and some light swearing. Enjoy!

Session #6: How to build an App Store marketing team?

(With Director of ASO at Scopely Itai Keshet and Julia Rios, App Store Consultant at Storemaven)

iOS 15 will bring ASO teams a lot of opportunities and will place practitioners in a more strategic position within growth teams. The needs of a modern ASO and App Store marketing team are about to change, and this session takes a deep dive into three crucial pillars: the basics. data & BI, and iOS 15 opportunities. How can you build a team that’s fit for this new world? Let’s tune in. Download the deck here.

Session #7: How to use contextual marketing to boost CVR?

(With Alex Noirot-Cosson Head of Marketing Live Games, Socialpoint and Matan Naim, Customer Success Team Leader at Storemaven)

Contextual marketing isn’t knowing the device ID you want to advertise a campaign to, and showing those devices the ad. in a world without any device ID’s, contextual marketing is looking at the data points around showing an ad to a user (like which app/time of day/day of the week/country/region etc), to see patterns on why an ad isn’t/successful in order to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Download the deck here.

Session #8: Introducing Storemaven’s mobile growth intelligence platform

(With Storemaven’s VP of Consultancy Esther Shatz)

In our final session, Storemaven’s Esther Shatz is giving a full tour of Storemaven’s new ASO platform, built to help mobile marketers to plan, manage, test and analyze their activities in a seamless way, presenting all that’s needed to create App Store and Google Play Product Pages that convert and perform.

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