That’s the Tea on Mobile Growth: The Mobile Marketing Conference 2020 Recap

Our first virtual conference was a big hit, with over 950 experienced colleagues sharing the latest trends in the mobile growth realm. Missed anything? Take our tour here.

Let’s play a game. Every time you see the words ‘IDFA deprecation’ in this post, or hear it in one of our conference videos, give yourself a point! No, seriously, all jokes aside, the iOS 14 changes are on their way, and if we weren’t talking about the impact those changes would have on the industry, we’d be doing wrong as experts in the field. Like I always say: failing to plan is planning to fail, so for such a meaningful discussion, of course it was a theme running through our ‘That’s the Tea: on Mobile Growth’ conference. 

We had fourteen excellent speakers at the conference from Apptweak, Wooga, Playtika, Jagex, Tilting Point, Shipt, Soundcloud, Activision, Appsflyer, and Storemaven spread over seven sessions plus about 1,000 attendees (thanks for joining us if you were one of them) – it was quite a day! A lot was going on, from stage to booths to questions, so if you missed anything or weren’t able to be there (where were you?!), we’ve dropped here our main takeaways. Read on to catch up on the day’s events. The video clips – the uncut versions – can be found along with the decks at the end of each session.

To watch all the sessions and to download the decks, click below:

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