That’s the Tea Session 2: Demystifying the connection between paid and organic installs

Our second session of the evening featured Storemaven's president Adam Rakib, who was joined by Sagi Dekel, UA Team Lead at Playtika, to discuss the elusive connection between paid and organics.

Anyone in the industry can tell you how challenging it is to understand the relationship between paid and organic installs. Still, in a post IDFA world, marketers will need to understand the connection better to figure out why they’re seeing or not seeing great install rates. If they’re not already, organic and paid teams will have to work more closely together. In their session, Adam and Sagi talk about the connection between paid & organic installs, how to measure it, and best practices. Catch up on the main takeaways:

  • Engineer luck to science for your organic installs. ASO was an advantage years ago but since the rest of the industry has caught up, staying ahead of the game now involves being more sophisticated in your practices. With overall decreasing margins, organic installs become one of the clear frontiers for seeking higher efficiency. You can do this through your app store pages or using insights of users and the dynamics of your online marketing etc.
  • Algorithmic factors (chart and search ranking) + Human Behavior factors (view-through and word of mouth = Organic discoverability. But you need to take both factors into account to try and reveal the mystery that is organic growth. 
  • The challenges in understanding the relationship include having lots of data sources and figuring out which is relevant for what, what the relevant data points are, how you ‘clean the noise’ (extract the data according to the relevant business question we are trying to solve), and each scenario requires a different interpretable model to find actionable insights.
  • Remember, there’s a difference between correlation and causation when it comes to data analysis: think about Opportunity (paid installs impact organic), Fraud (organic installs impact paid), and Search (Where option c – the unknown – impacts paid and organic).
  • What’s your K-factor? It’s a basic formula to explain the growth of an app (organic installs over paid installs), and unlocking it allows you to become more effective in your overall strategy. But though it’s a powerful KPI to monitor, if you don’t understand the nature of why this metric fluctuates, you miss out on the holistic story you need that influences your decisions. Your ability to rationalize why a change occurs is crucial. 
  • You can do lots to influence organic installs: look at both algorithmic and human behavior factors such as SEO, community management, offline advertising, replying to reviews, influencers, live ops, retention, in-app events etc.

Watch Adam and Sagi’s session and download the deck:

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