That’s the Tea Session 4: How to nail creative optimization in the app stores

In session 4 of our conference, Esther Shatz, Storemaven's VP Consultancy, and her colleagues, will teach you how to better understand the prowess of creative assets.

By Esther Shatz, Storemaven’s VP Consultancy, Ben Clarke, Senior Director of Marketing at Jagex and Rocio Morales, Senior Product Manager, Growth, at Tilting Point

Three heads are better than one! The fourth session of our mobile growth conference sees three great experts discuss the importance of segmenting audiences in order to deliver them more targeted creatives / messaging (with a really interesting case study from Tilting Point). Ben talks about Jagex’s experience using incrementality testing to validate the effectiveness of channels and manage to spend accordingly, and of course, there’s a discussion on what the creative testing landscape will look like post IDFA when the audience will be much broader. Bonus points if you can find Esther’s sneeze in the video! Here are the session takeaways:

  • To understand what messages drive different audiences, you need to get to know your audience and define who you’re most interested in. Be selective! 
  • Rocio discusses Tilting Point’s case study and goes into interesting detail on their process of creative optimization including knowing your IP, understanding your motivations, rocking the market and creating powerful creatives before testing them.
  • TEST TEST TEST to discover which creatives and messages work best for which audience. For example existing IP fans and new users should see different messaging on an app store product page otherwise users won’t be driven to take action if they’re seeing something that doesn’t relate to them and different audiences react to different view orientations. The only way to understand what works for your audience is to, yep you guessed it, TEST TEST TEST!
  • Ben addresses how important it is to validate the accuracy of data from Ad networks by running incrementality tests which allows you to pull downstream the data you have from the top of the funnel. He talks about a recent test Jagex conducted that surfaced an OSRS Ad to 75% of the audience and 25% saw the charity Ad. They were able to conclude with 95% confidence that the exposed audiences performed better than their control audiences.. 
  • Changes to your app store metadata, even small tweaks, and Live Ops, are great tools for introducing new content and seasonality to dormant players without implementing a messaging shift. 

Download the deck here.

Watch Esther, Rocio and Ben’s full session:

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