How to Create a Custom Product Pages Test with Storemaven

This guide will explain the few steps needed to create a Custom Product Pages test with Storemaven, from the ideation step to the actual test progress.

Before you create a Custom Product Pages (CPPs) test on Storemaven, you need to create the CPPs that will act as the test’s variations and start sending traffic to them. The test start date could be a date in the past.

This guide will help explain the steps from the idea to the test activation.

When to, and when not to use a CPP test 

You can use a CPP test in order to optimize conversion rates for your UA paid campaigns by measuring which creative and messaging are more effective in driving installs for that specific campaign. 

CPP tests will help determine which CPP performs better for a specific audience. However, a CPP test does not include engagement metrics, and hence explaining why a variation performed the way it did will not be possible. If you are looking for deeper understanding of your audience, which includes understanding engagement metrics, I recommend running a Storemaven Sandbox test. 

The Process 

  1. Coming up with hypotheses and creatives – The first step of every good test is having strong hypotheses. Think of the audience you’re choosing to optimize, and consider what might cater to their needs at the moment they’re seeing your app listing on the app store. Ask yourself these questions to help inspire hypotheses:
    1. What were these users doing just before they landed on my store listing?
    2. What are their interests, in general?
    3. What are the demographics of this audience?
    4. What other apps/games are they using/playing? 
    5. Are they already a fan of my app’s genre? If yes, what’s unique about my app that might capture their attention? If no, what might attract them? 

Once you have the hypotheses, you’ll need to come up with creatives that represent the hypotheses well. 

For more information about coming up with hypotheses and creatives take a look at this article

  1. Creating a CPP – Once you have the creatives, you’ll need to come up with the actual CPP on App Store Connect which will act as the variations in your test. If you don’t know how to create a CPP, take a look at this guide.

  2. Sending traffic to the CPP – Sending traffic to a CPP test is an important and delicate step in the test creation process. There are a few important factors that you’ll need to make sure of:
    1. Equal allocation – for the validity of the test, we recommend trying (as much as possible) having even allocation of traffic volume across variations. This does not mean just overall sample sizes, but also daily samples should be more or less even. Try to not have discrepancies larger than 10% between the variations. 
    2. Same exact audience targeting – as the only variable in the test should be the test creatives, the audience we send to each variation should be exactly the same, otherwise we would be introducing a new variable. Hence, make sure that all CPPs are receiving traffic from only the sources that you decided on for the purpose of the test, and that the targeting and ad creative are identical across the different campaigns / ad sets / ads.
    3. Traffic volume – make sure you have a large enough traffic volume overall. Firstly because we don’t want the test to drag out for too long, and secondly, because we want to make sure you pass Apple’s threshold for showing data to a CPP. Make sure to only target iOS 15 and up, as CPPs are only available starting on iOS 15.

  3. Go to Storemaven! Initiate the test and see StoreIQ’s statistical interpretation of the data! Now, comes the easy part.
    1. On Storemaven, make sure you’re on an iOS product, hover over New Test and select CPP.
How to Create a Custom Product Pages Test with Storemaven - 1

2. Enter the details requested on the form.

How to Create a Custom Product Pages Test with Storemaven - 2

3. And that’s it. You can sit back and observe the test progress!

For any questions, feel free to contact your Storemaven representative or [email protected]

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