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Why Custom Product Pages change UA and ASO Forever

Storemaven’s President Adam Rakib unpacks Apple’s new iOS 15 ‘Custom Product Page’ feature to explain how it will change the way your ASO and UA teams work.

How to Prepare Your Acquisition Strategy for iOS 15

How do you look at your top funnel traffic? iOS 15 is coming and it requires some major preparation. Storemaven's President Adam Rakib makes sure you won't miss any opportunity. Learn more.

Watch Our Webinar: Organic UA for Mobile – The Strategies Needed to Succeed

StoreMaven’s President and Co-Founder, Adam Rakib, share his thoughts on organic UA strategy and the right framework to do it in a successful manner.

What the Google Play Redesign Means for Developers and ASO

Google Play is slowly but surely rolling out a significant redesign of the Play Store App Listings. Unlike Apple, who only redesigned the App Store once in the last decade, Google makes changes fairly frequently.

Why Fortnite’s Risky Android Launch Strategy Might Not Pay Off

In the mobile game space, it’s rare to find anyone who hasn’t yet heard of global gaming phenomenon Fortnite Battle Royale.

Why the Mobile App Ecosystem Should Care About Fortnite and Conversion [Part 2]

Based on our assumptions of how much organic traffic app stores drive, we introduced a framework for analyzing how this decision might impact Fortnite’s overall conversion rate (CVR) and revenue.

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