How to Set Up a Facebook Campaign for Storemaven ASO Tests

A step-by-step guide for creating Facebook ads which direct to a Storemaven test


  • This step-by-step guide explains how to create a Facebook campaign that will direct traffic to a mock-up version of your app store page
  • StoreMaven’s platform will collect data on user behavior and conversion from this mock app store page
  • Once users click “Get” or “Install,” they will be redirected to the real app store page

Getting Started

  • Go to Facebook’s Ads Manager

Create New Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad

Create Campaign

  • Click the green “+ Create” button

Once you click on “+ Create,” you will be redirected to the screen below

  • Click on “Conversions”
  • Name your campaign under “Campaign Name”
  • Select “Registrations” under “Key Result” dropdown
  • Click on “Continue”

Create New Ad Set

  • Under “Create New Ad Set,” name your Ad Set

Under “Conversion,” select “Website.” Then, in the box under “Website,” you must select a conversion event. In our tests, the default event is typically “Complete Registration.” However, you may choose a different event as long as it matches the one you used in your test set-up on the StoreMaven platform

  • If you’ve already created a pixel, you can skip the next step

Create a pixel

  • If you do not have a predefined pixel, you can create one. In order to do so, click the “Ads Manager” tab in the top left corner of the Ads Manager dashboard and select “Pixels”

When you click into “Pixels,” you will be redirected to the screen below:

Click on the green “Create a Pixel” button

Give your pixel a name and click on “Create.” The following window will then appear:

  • Select “Email Instructions to a Developer” and type in your StoreMaven ASO Consultant’s email OR choose “Manually Install the Code Yourself”

Option 1: Email Pixel to StoreMaven Consultant

  • If you choose to email the pixel to your StoreMaven ASO Consultant, the window below will appear:

Input your ASO Consultant’s email, and scroll down to click “Send”

Option 2: Enter Pixel Manually

  • If you choose to manually install the code yourself, scroll down to Section 2 of the page as shown below. Copy the code, and click “Continue.” You will then need to add this code into the test set-up on the StoreMaven dashboard.

Add Pixel Code to StoreMaven Dashboard

  • Go to your StoreMaven dashboard and open the relevant product for this pixel
  • Click the green pixel icon on the top right corner of the relevant app page
  • Choose pixel type as “Facebook”
  • Enter Pixel Code by pasting the pixel code you copied from Facebook Ads Manager
  • Choose conversion event (make sure it’s the same conversion event you chose in Facebook’s Ads Manager page)
  • Click “Done”
  • All tests created under that product will now automatically be implemented with the pixel
  • If you’d like to disable/change a pixel for a specific test, you can do so by editing its details:

Click “Show Advanced Settings”

The last settings feature is the “Conversion Pixel” for which you will follow the same instructions written above

Continue creating your Ad Set

  • Once your pixel is configured on the StoreMaven platform, you can return to creating your Ad Set within Facebook and pick one of the available default events
  • As mentioned before, select “Website” under “Conversions” and click the box that says “Please select a conversion event.” We recommend selecting “Complete Registration”


  • In the “Audience” section, fill in the details according to the audience you will be targeting in your campaign
  • At the bottom of the Audience menu (next to “Connections”), click on “Add a connection type.” Then click on “Apps” and select “Exclude people who used your app”


  • Within the “Placements” section, select “Edit Placements”
  • Under “Device Types,” choose “Mobile Only”
  • Under “Platforms,” select the various platforms you will be targeting on Facebook
    • Please note that by using Facebook’s “Audience Network,” your ads will show in approved partner mobile apps and mobile websites that are part of Facebook’s Audience Network
    • Users that come from Facebook’s Audience Network platform have the following characteristics:
      • Pros: Lower CPC in comparison to Mobile News Feed users
      • Cons: Lower Install Conversion rates in comparison to Mobile News Feed users
  • Read more about how to effectively run Facebook campaigns for a StoreMaven test here!
  • Under “Specific Mobile Devices & Operating Systems,” select the platform you are testing on (either Android or iOS)
  • Once you have selected the right platform, exclude any devices that are not phones
    • For Google Play, choose Android devices only and unselect “Android Tablets (all)”
    • For iOS, choose iOS devices only and unselect iPads and iPods
  • In the example below, we have selected iOS phones

Budget & Schedule

  • Input daily budget
  • Schedule the start date for your campaign
  • Under “Optimization for Ad Delivery,” leave “Conversions” selected
  • Under “Conversion window,” we recommend selecting “1 day click”
  • In “Bid Strategy,” leave “Lowest Cost” selected
  • Click “Continue”

Create Ad

  • Name your Ad

Under “Identity,” select your Facebook Page. If relevant, select your Instagram Account as well

Under “Format,” choose how you want your ad displayed. In this example, we have selected Single Image

  • Upload your image(s) or video ad
  • Under “Links,” add your StoreMaven test URL. If you are targeting different audiences and would like to collect data on the CVR and behavior of these new targets, paste the URL with the relevant parameter here. If you need assistance setting up different URLs, please contact your StoreMaven ASO consultant
  • Input your Text and Headline
  • Under “Call to Action”, select “Download”
  • Under the “Advanced Options” dropdown, there’s an optional space to enter an additional description of your app in “News Feed Link Description”
    • Leave “Conversion Tracking” section as is
  • Please note that Facebook will review your ad image to ensure that it complies with their image text guidelines. We recommend referring to the Facebook Ads guide to ensure your ad complies with their requirements. You can also refer to Facebook’s image text check to determine how much text is in your ad image and its potential impact on your ad’s reach.
  • Upon completion of all relevant fields, click “Confirm” at the bottom right corner

After you click “Confirm,” you will be redirected to the page below:

  • Click “Continue”
  • At this point, your campaign will now be active once it is approved!

Confirm campaign is active

  • Return to your Ads Manager page
  • Click on your campaign
  • Click on your ad sets
  • Make sure your campaign is scheduled to start at the desired time
  • Once Facebook approves your ad and ad set, your ad campaign should start delivering

Now you are ready to launch your Facebook app store testing campaign with StoreMaven!

Have any questions? Email your StoreMaven ASO Consultant or!

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