How to Succeed in iOS 15 Using Storemaven’s Mobile Growth Intelligence Platform

Storemaven's new platform is a command center for your App Store Optimization and mobile efforts - armed with the right technology to allow you to understand which product page creatives and messaging work best for different audiences.

iOS 15 is knocking at the door and with it, Apple will introduce new capabilities to the App Store. These include:

  • Product Page Optimization (PPO) – which will allow mobile marketers to run native A/B tests on their App Store product page for organic traffic.
  • Custom Product Pages (CPP) – which will allow the creation of up to 35 CPPs (with custom screenshots, app preview videos, and promotional text) to drive specific audiences to, instead of to your default App Store page.
  • In-App Events (IAE) – which will allow the creation of unique event details pages for in-app events, showcase them on a product page, and allow events to be featured across the App Store. 

For the first time ever on the App Store, you will have a ton of new value to capture when you’ll create the right product page for the right audience.

What is Mobile Growth Intelligence?

In a nutshell, our Mobile Growth Intelligence platform is the world’s first ASO platform that revolutionizes app store optimization. It’s a command center for your App Store Optimization (ASO) and mobile growth efforts, not only giving you the technology needed to succeed but also building upon our expertise so you don’t have to try and reinvent the wheel. 

The App Store wants to do exactly what Storemaven has spent the past six years developing our expertise in — understanding which product page creatives and messaging work best for different audiences.  

True to our mission, Mobile Growth Intelligence will allow you to create product pages that perform at scale and will provide you with the intelligence you need to understand how to improve growth in the App Store. 

It’s our years of App Store expertise baked into a single platform that’ll act as your iron suit in App Store marketing, allowing you to:

  • Identify your top install funnel opportunities and prioritize them by sifting through your mobile growth data in one place 
  • Plan and hypothesize new App Store product pages (based on our data of more than 500 million users tested on the App Store) and generate perfect creative briefs for your designers
  • Deploy and manage App Store product pages at scale, including smart scheduling, bulk changes and more with product page automation.
  • Monitor each install funnel with smart alerts to detect changes in performance and direct you to what needs your attention
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What is Funnel Analytics?

Funnel Analytics is at the heart of the Mobile Growth Intelligence platform.

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We will address the following pains that exist today:

  • Visiting multiple platforms to check for different metrics in order to understand performance and find opportunities, ASC, GPC, ASA, MMP, BI tools, etc. 
  • Trying to use App Store Connect or Network/MMP data, which don’t provide any context information to help you understand which product page you should create.
  • Separating Organic from Paid Search.
  • Understanding the impact of different events on different KPIs which is a complicated task when there’s nowhere to consolidate the data and show the relevant events.
  • Trying to understand the impact of your efforts on organic traffic which is is impossible on ASC as it shows data of organic search consolidated with paid search.

Our new Funnel Analytics 

  • Save time by seeing actionable insights. Avoid having to dig deeper to find what you’re looking for.
  • Identify growth opportunities so you always know where you should invest your efforts.
  • Contextual grouping of install funnels – in order to customize the user journey according to their preferences and the mind set they come with.
  • Quickly identify the impact of different events (like featuring, creative change, KW update).
  • See performance metrics from different install funnels in one place (compare different titles within your portfolio, GP & iOS, and different geos).
  • Monitor the impact of organic search performance vs paid.
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How to run App Store A/B tests after iOS 15

With iOS 15’s PPO, CPPs, and IAE, you’ll have more testing possibilities than ever before.

But as native A/B testing is possible solely for PPO and your organic traffic, to test your CPPs and IAE in order to improve conversion rates for your UA funnels and re-engagement rates, you’ll need to manage a robust and accurate testing process. 

So why will testing on iOS 15 be so challenging?

PPO A/B testing challenges

  1. Yes, you will be able to run tests natively, but they can be run for up to 90 days and without any clear guidance on the required amount of traffic sample. You run the risk of using a sample that’s too low (that won’t reach statistical confidence) or running tests for too long (and hurting your CVR as a significant portion of your traffic would land on product page variations that’ll have sub-par conversion rates). 
  2. It’s unclear when you should close variations as their winning probabilities would be extremely low or conclude the test with confidence. 

CPP A/B Testing Challenges 

  1. As there is no native A/B testing solution, you’re responsible for driving traffic for each CPP that represents a variation in your test. 
  2. You’ll need to ensure traffic is homogeneous and that it’s reaching each CPP equally and randomly. 
  3. As no statistics will be available through App Store Connect, you’ll need to make all test decisions (when to close variations, when to conclude the test, and choosing the test winner) on your own. 

IAE A/B Testing Challenges 

  1. You will be able to have up to five In-App Events live at once, which means you could use different events as variations in a test. However, there is no native A/B testing for IAE that will show you statistical results.  
  2. Similar to CPPs, you will not be able to ensure that your traffic is equal and homogeneous.
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Luckily, we’ve decided to productize our App Store testing expertise and allow you to use our world-class testing algorithm StoreIQ to run and interpret App Store tests. 

How will Storemaven’s platform work? 

After you create your variations (either on PPO, CPP, IAE) you’ll be able to use our platform to create a test and to interpret the data. 

Run tests the way you want to and have the confidence to make the right decisions. Ensure that your test is clean and get smart alerts if undesired traffic is reaching the test pages. 

  • Connect to any testing effort done on App Store Connect (PPO, CPP, IAE)
  • Preview the different variations side by side, and see them in an interactive phone preview for context and reference.
  • Get the full Storemaven testing management experience (actionable notifications, troubleshooting, monitoring, reporting, etc.) for your App Product Page A/B testing and Custom Product Page testing.
  • Overcome different sample size issues, caused by different variations receiving different volumes of traffic.
  • See all data in our beautiful dashboard with the ability to use data filters (for different referrers, different geos, etc.)
  • See all the relevant statistical data, using our proprietary testing algorithm StoreIQ, and based on a selection of KPIs (App Units, ARPPU, Retention, Sales, etc.)
  • Easily share test results with other stakeholders – share the preview of the variations, as well as the results and conclusions. 
  • Get a holistic experience as part of Storemaven suite – get the same accurate data interpretation across different types of app store tests.

Coming soon

Additional updates will come soon, focusing on our: 

  • Product Page Automation solution which will automate the process of releasing product pages, allow for bulk uploads and scheduling creative updates.
  • Product Page Design Services from our creative studio, which will help create better hypotheses and quick data-driven design briefs for the ultimate product page.

Stay tuned.

About Noga Szpiro
Noga made her way from consulting to some of the largest app store developers in the world to managing the Storemaven product. In her free time, she loves sewing clothes and it is not unlikely to see her walking around the office wearing something she made. You can reach out to her with any quirky product request you may have.

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