That’s the Tea 2021: Everything You Need to Know About Custom Product Pages

Arguably the most important feature that came out with iOS 15, Custom Product Pages are set to change how UA and ASO marketers operate and work. This session with industry leaders David Flynn and Martin Rusev will help you stay ahead of the game.
Everything you need to know about CPPs

Apple’s Custom Product Pages (CPPs), which were formally introduced in December 2021, are 35 uniquely designed app store pages that can be used to drive paid audiences to.

CPPs will allow the understanding of optimal messaging for converting specific audiences, so get ready to create product pages for every UA funnel. One of the main sessions at our 2021 conference “That’s the Tea on Mobile Growth”, touched on everything Custom Product Pages, with esteemed panelists Martin Rusev, Product marketing manager at Gameloft, David Flynn Senior marketing manager at Netspend, and Katie Blechner Storemaven’s CS Team Leader.

Here are the main takeaways from that session, plus the full recording below.

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    CPPs will reinforce an experience-based strategy. 

    Understanding user engagement at every step will help you optimize your creative and spending efforts. They provide the opportunity to align communications throughout the whole customer journey, from when a user sees an ad, to arriving at the product page, to downloading and experiencing the product. 

    There’s a huge opportunity for marketers to solve the ‘one size fits all approach’.

    Where previously the aim was to please and convert the largest chunk of the audience that arrived on a product page, CPPs will cater for specific audiences. (Storemaven’s data analysis shows that there’s a 70-90% drop off rate when the product page doesn’t deliver on the message a user saw on an ad.) 

    Answering the ‘why’ through segmentation. 

    Why do some groupings behave a certain way? Why does one creative appeal to one demographic but not another? By understanding the main pillars or USPs of your app/game and applying them to your CPPs, you can better understand what appeals to different audiences. 

    Five things you must know about Custom Product Pages

      The holistic approach. 

      CPPs allow for many teams to work together: UA, Marketing, ASO etc will no longer consider their interactions with the user in isolation, but as one step in a continuous journey.

      Don’t be overwhelmed by CPPs. 

      Approach them with a scientific perspective. Start a campaign on one channel to easily manage and control the traffic. Try looking at CPPs as a way to test and isolate variables, just on a large scale. 

      Will Apple be the data source of truth for measuring success? 

      The industry doesn’t know how much data Apple will provide, but fingers crossed, hypothesizing from the data will be possible.

      Actionable tip: Don’t use all 35 CPPs right away. Start with a smaller number initially to hypothesize effectively, collect learnings, analyze them, understand what worked or didn’t work and then scale from there. (It would likely be impossible to track all 35 pages, especially in gaming when there’s regular updates which would require changing creatives across all 35!).

      Watch the full session:

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