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The Year After the Plague: How the Mobile Growth Landscape Will Look in 2021

It's that time of the year again. We picked the brains of Storemaven's mobile growth experts and some honorable guests to see what they think 2021 will bring along.

Watch our Webinar: How Wolt Masters App Store Localization in 23 Different Markets Worldwide

With the vast global reach that both app stores now have, how can you strike your app’s full potential? The answer is localization. Its impact on CVR was the main discussion point on our latest webinar.

Mobile Marketing and Growth Loops: A Conclusive Guide

It's one of the most important changes in the past years and something that can reconstruct your marketing strategy from top to bottom. Storemaven's Director of Marketing explains.

There’s One Inspiring Success Story Among Us: Reverse-Engineering the Tale of the Mobile Game That Amazed the World

Four-people team, two years under the radar, and no marketing strategy. What InnerSloth did with Among Us, the cross-platform mobile game that took over the world, is a remarkable tale of growth. Our Director of Marketing analyzes.

That’s the Tea on Mobile Growth: The Mobile Marketing Conference 2020 Recap

Our first virtual conference was a big hit, with over 950 experienced colleagues sharing the latest trends in the mobile growth realm. Missed anything? Take our tour here.

Episode #4: User Acquisition Systems with Claire Rozain

On episode four of Mobile Growth and Pancakes, we talked with Claire Rozain, UA Manager at Product Madness, about the more systematic approaches to user acquisition.

Introducing our New Podcast Series: Mobile Growth and Pancakes

We are delighted to present our podcast series: Mobile Growth and Pancakes. In each episode we'll host a mobile growth expert that will help us to break down a specific strategy.

Episode #1: Growth Through AI with Lomit Patel

On the first episode of Mobile Growth and Pancakes we are joined by Lomit Patel, Vice President, Growth at IMVU, to discuss the role of AI in mobile growth, his growth team, and the status quo of IMVU.

Episode #2: Gaming Growth with Nadir Garouche

Episode two of Mobile Growth and Pancakes welcomes Nadir Garouche, Growth Marketing Manager at Oh BiBi, discussing his unique take on gaming communities

Episode #3: User-Centric Feedback Systems with Sarah Main

On episode three of Mobile Growth and Pancakes we sit down with Sarah Main, Director of Product at WeatherBug, to look at their unique feedback system and discuss the significance of partnerships.