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Watch our Webinar: What Are In-App Events and How They Impact ASO?

Storemaven teamed up with AppTweak to discuss another one of Apple's features coming along with iOS 15 - In-App Events. Enter here to watch the full recording of the session.

Watch our Webinar: The iOS 15 Strategy Panel – Preparing for A New Era of UA

With iOS 15 officially out, ASO and UA teams have to shift gears in order to harness all that this new OS has to offer, and that's quite a lot. Learn more from our latest webinar about the future of UA work.

Watch our Webinar: How iOS 15 Will Create a Truly Optimized UA Journey from Creative to App Store

iOS 15 will completely change the way UA and ASO teams work. Watch our latest webinar to make sure you can leverage the advantages of this new update.

Watch our Webinar: Creative Optimization After iOS 15

Get the right tips to boost your paid UA conversion rates and ROAS, and prepare for Apple's new iOS 15 features. Watch MobileAction and Storemaven in this engaging webinar.

Watch Our Webinar: Navigating Blind – Creative Optimization Post IDFA

With Apple's new privacy guidelines knocking, it's going to be a challenging time for mobile growth practitioners to understand the impact of their creative optimization efforts. Watch our webinar with Tilting Point and Gamesforum to understand where you should focus your efforts.

Watch our Webinar: iOS 14.5 – A Brave New World for Mobile Growth

As iOS 14.5 is about to roll out, we need to be bold - to go back to marketing and growth basics and think about how to continue to produce growth. Watch our full webinar on this matter and be ready for this brave new world ahead.

Watch our Webinar: Hypercasual Hits – From Ideation to Success

Watch our recent webinar with GamesForum and BoomBit as we discussed the intricacies of hypercasual success.

Watch our Webinar: Maximizing the Funnel with Creative Optimization

What makes a good creative, how important they are for your App Store strategy, and how to measure their success? Watch our webinar with Gamesforum to learn more.

Watch our Webinar: How Wolt Masters App Store Localization in 23 Different Markets Worldwide

With the vast global reach that both app stores now have, how can you strike your app’s full potential? The answer is localization. Its impact on CVR was the main discussion point on our latest webinar.

Watch our Webinar: Mobile UA Post-IDFA

Watch our webinar with experts from Adjust, yellowHEAD, Playtika, and Storemaven, discussing iOS 14 and the deprecation of the IDFA: How the world of mobile UA will adapt

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