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Watch our Webinar: What Are In-App Events and How They Impact ASO?

Storemaven teamed up with AppTweak to discuss another one of Apple's features coming along with iOS 15 - In-App Events. Enter here to watch the full recording of the session.

Watch our Webinar: How to Create a World-Class Ad Monetization Strategy for Your Mobile Games

We sat with two of the industry's top ad monetization experts to discuss the state of in-app advertising (IAA), supply, demand, segmentation, and all the burning questions to get your game revenue going in the right direction.

Watch our Webinar: The Science of Organic Acquisition

We once again partnered with our dear colleagues at Zynga for a talk about the state of organic (and paid attribution), gave some measurement tips and looked into the ASA rush.

Watch our Webinar: The Must-Have UA Skills for 2023

In this discussion, some of the best UA experts around unlocked major insights into the lay of the mobile games land, and the future skills needed to succeed in User Acquisition.

Watch our Webinar: Navigating User Acquisition in a Global Recession

In this collaboration, we looked at the sense of global recession that got mobile marketers and specifically UA folks quite worried in 2022. This panel of experts gave tips and ideas on how to work with and around that.

Watch our Webinar: What it Takes to Succeed in the Business of Mobile Games?

In this session, Jonathan Fishman was joined by Adam Jaffe from Mega Studio, who shared tips and insights from the life of an experienced game developer and marketer.
structured frameworks webinar

Watch our Webinar with Phiture: Accelerate Your Mobile Game Growth – Leveraging Structured Frameworks

In our recent webinar, our panelists discussed game growth tactics, the rise in competition, the new use of data and the latest capabilities in iOS and Google.

Watch our Webinar: The Big Apple – How iOS 15’s In-App Events and Custom Product Pages Changed Mobile Growth

It’s been almost a year since Apple’s new iOS 15 features went live. Watch this Apptweak & Storemaven webinar to learn more about In-App Events, Custom Product Pages and Product Page Optimization adoption stories.
State of UA Industry roundtable1

Watch our Webinar with Singular: State of UA Industry Roundtable

The last year has been a year of massive change for UA folks. Watch this webinar with experts from Singular, ironSource, Google, Storemaven and more trying to make their lives easier.

Watch our Webinar: Gaming Growth – Optimizing the Full User Journey for Effective App Install Campaigns

Join experts from Wooga, SciPlay, yellowHEAD and Storemaven looking into the new challenging world of UA managers.

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