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ASO Best Practices: How to Design and Run Better Screenshot Tests

You only have one app store page. No matter where people come from—whether it’s through paid user acquisition (UA) ads, word of mouth, app store search results, top charts, navigation tabs, etcetera—they all land on this single page.

How Much Should You Rely on Google Play Store Listing Experiments?

Based on our experience working with Google Experiments and helping mobile publishers test creatives on our platform, we wanted to set the record straight about several misconceptions about the tool.

Google Experiments ASO Teardown: Couchsurfing Travel App

With Google Play Experiments, it’s possible to A/B test your app store creative assets in order to identify the most effective graphics and localized text for your Google Play store listing.

How App Store Engagement Data Can Change the Way You Market Your App

After analyzing thousands of app store creative tests that leading mobile publishers have conducted on our platform, we’ve identified what makes companies successful in their app store optimization (ASO) strategies, and why many others fail.

Q&A: How to Guarantee Successful Mobile App UA and Product Launch Campaigns

When building user acquisition (UA) and product launch campaigns for mobile games and apps, there are numerous processes, such App Store Optimization (ASO), that developers need to incorporate into their strategy in order to be successful.

Storemaven Tests on New Google Play Design Show Surprising Impact on ASO

Over the last few months, Google has been testing a redesign of the Play Store App Listings. The redesign holds interesting and significant opportunities for developers.

What the Google Play Console Update Means for Your ASO Strategy

First announced at I/O 2018, Google has finally released an update to the Google Play Console that allows developers to segment their organic traffic.
5 Tips for Successful App Store Preview Videos on iOS

5 Tips for Succes App Preview Videos on iOS

App Preview Videos are powerful tools for enhanced app discovery and conversion optimization.

5 Ingredients of an Effective App Store Optimization (ASO) Test

As a mobile marketer, you have one main goal: acquire the most qualified users, profitably.

3 ASO Tips Every Travel Brand/App Should Read

With expectations of revenues reaching $1,091 billion by 2022 and no signs of slowing down, the online travel industry is becoming not only one of the most lucrative markets but also one of the most competitive ones.

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