Some say crafting a good App Store page is an art but we say it’s a science. As marketers, there’s a lot you can do to improve your app page conversion rate on the App Store.  Finding the right assets, driving the most relevant messages, and matching user expectations are crucial to mastering you App Store Optimization strategy and can be accomplished through testing.

StoreMaven’s machine-learning algorithms and unique analytical models have helped top developers build better-performing versions of App Store pages, leading to:

  • Doubled conversion rates
  • Significantly lower cost of user acquisition

We’ve reviewed insights based on 50M users to share with you StoreMaven’s best practices to creating a better App Store page.

 ICON_TIP Tip #1

A better version of your first two screenshots will increase your conversions by 25%.


The first impression on the App Store vs Google Play


A first impression matters most.  You have 3 seconds to explain to users what your app does.  In those seconds, users will then decide to exhibit one of two kinds of behavior.

Decisive behavior: Users who don’t browse the App Store page – they make no other action other than clicking the “Get” button (Direct Installers) or leaving the page (Direct Droppers).  

Explorer behavior:  Users who browse to learn more about the app before making a decision by scrolling the Image Gallery, reading the Description, etc.

 instant_users  magnet
60% of users won’t swipe past your first two images 50% of users install based on elements that appear on the first impression


 ICON_TIP Tip #2

Diversify and don’t be repetitive when designing your 3rd – 5th screenshots, Video/Poster Frame and Description.


Explorers make up 50% of all users.  Because they have a better understanding of your app, they make more informed decisions and are therefore, higher quality users.  

  • Show users who choose to engage with your App Store page something different that will make them want to install
  • Say something new in each design element

 ICON_TIP Tip #3

Switching app screenshots can increase install rates by more than 35%.


This is particularly relevant in iOS since screenshots sit above-the-fold and affects the first impression.

  • Show your strongest message in the first two screenshots
  • Show different messaging in each screenshot


 ICON_TIP Tip #4

People only read the first line of your description. Make it count.


All Google Play users will see the short description in a first impression but only iPhone 6+ in iOS (and iPhone 5/5s/6 with landscape screenshots) will see it.

  • Keep it simple and to the point. App Store users don’t like reading
  • Don’t repeat messages highlighted in the screenshots/video


 ICON_TIP Tip #5

The same creatives don’t usually work for both Google Play and the App Store.


The “above-the-fold view” makes Google Play and iOS users fundamentally different.  

  • Screenshots play a more prominent role in iOS as they appear in a first impression
  • In Google Play, the Image Gallery plays a supporting role to the above-the-fold view


 ICON_TIP Tip #6

An app video can increase install rates by more than 23%.


There are a few tricks to increasing user watch rates.  

  • Users who watch your video are 3x more likely to install
  • A video increases exploring behavior and reduces decisive behavior
  • Video can impact conversions by 23% – the quality of your video matters


 ICON_TIP Tip #7

Design your poster frame (the video thumbnail) to act as a stand alone screenshot.


Your poster frame should serve a dual purpose – make it an awesome stand-alone screenshot and convince users to click play.

  • Test different Poster Frames to get more users to play the video
  • Make sure your poster frame is meaningful as a screenshot for users who won’t play your video


 ICON_TIP Tip #8

Keep your video short and focus on the first 10 seconds.


Keep it short (15 – 30 seconds)

  • Show value in the first 5 – 10 seconds
  • ~10% drop every 5 seconds
  • Good videos have 40-55% completion rates

 ICON_TIP Tip #9

Refresh your creatives frequently; aim for every release.


  • The users you are targeting today are not the users you’re targeting next month
  • You are constantly changing ads, refresh your App Store accordingly

 ICON_TIP Tip #10

Localize your app store content. It’s your lowest hanging fruit!


What works in one country, doesn’t necessarily work in another.  Market your app in each regional store by translating to the local language and making the right design choices.

  • All elements can be localized except the Poster Frame and App Preview Video in iOS
  • Google Play lets you change all page elements in your local store

App Store testing was invented by StoreMaven in 2014 to enable developers to test App Store / Google Play pages and significantly lift install conversion rates.
With predictive testing machine learning algorithms, StoreMaven helps the world’s leading mobile companies find the best design for their app store page and reduce costs per download.